Wednesday 110209

Day 3 Surge Elite Performance & Fitness All-Around

Almost half way through the week of testing Surge Athletes, we’ve seen some amazing improvements from everyone.  Keep up the intesity and hard work!

Olympic Lifting/Explosive Power Day

  • 3 Attempts Max Clean and Jerk
  • 3 Attempts Max Snatch
  • 3 Attempts Max Overhead Squat
  • Max Height Box Jump
  • Max Distance Standing Broad Jump

*Be smart when it comes to selecting your weights, use the same strategy you used for the Functional Fitness Total.  Start with a weight you know you can get, and then move up accordingly.  For the max jump tests, athletes must “stick” the landing.  Meaning you have to jump and stand and open hips completely at top of box.  Standing broad jump, athletes must land and hold standing position until a coach can measure from the heel of the athlete. Also for the max height box jump athletes are allowed to take one step and jump.

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2 Responses
  1. Aaron

    Clean & Jerk

    PVC practice and 45#

    Max Box Jump = 44.5”

    Max Broad Jump = 98.5”

  2. This has been a fun week so far. It’s great to see so many athletes getting PRs!

    Time got away from me and I didn’t get around to box jumps or broad jumps today, or for that matter, the bench press on Monday. Will get to those hopefully tomorrow.

    My weights today:
    Clean & Jerk = 90/100(PR)/110(F)
    Snatch = 65/70/75(PR)
    Overhead Squat = 75/80/85(PR)

    I failed my 110# attempt on the jerk portion of the clean & jerk, but I made the clean; that was a PR a for clean! 🙂