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SAVE THE DATE!  Surge 2nd Annual Christmas Party! We will be having the gym Christmas party on Saturday Dec 10. More details to follow, but I hope we get to see the return of the snuggie from last year!

David striking a pose in the Snuggie!

November 19th- Next Saturday- MBS Turkey Challenge- we have the following athletes completing and would love to see lots of our Surge Family out to support everyone and I am sure we will!!!

  • Team with Brandon, Courtney, Jamie Izzo, Anna Mattson¬†and Jason Adams
  • J.D White
  • Aaron Hastings
  • Glendon Bautista
  • Erin Jackson
  • Christina Mulholland

Other thoughts: I would love to do a Surge ski/snowboard trip or even a snowmobile trip. I wanted to see if there is interest and if so if anyone has any connections or suggestions on where to go and when! Let me know, I think it would be great. I think ultimately we would leave Friday afternoon and come home Sunday afternoon, and rent a big house again like we did for Warrior Dash. Even if you don’t ski/snowboard and want to get away to the mountains to hang out, everyone, and their significant others are welcome! (PS we may be hosting a Valentine’s Day Competition(Feb 11) so not that weekend)

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