Tuesday 110125


10 Minutes to Practice Tire Flip/Rope Climb


With a continous clock complete as many reps as possible in 1:30 at each station.  The clock will not stop so make sure you move quickly to the next station in order to get a higher score.

3 Rounds:

  • 15 ft rope climb
  • tire flip
  • sledge hammer/Ball Slam 20#
  • double unders
  • Rest

Coaches Thoughts:Today was a fun mix of random events. We had a ton of athlete’s get their first rope climb today. Nice work on the ropes, to Kristi, Courtney V, Josh, and Nikki for almost getting her first climb. The tire flips were a nice change and we were impressed with all the guys that stepped it up to the big tire! Josh was the sledge hammer athlete of the day and in his words he was born with one in his hand….and it showed. Travis gets the overall athlete of the day.  3 weeks into Functional Fitness and he rocked today, and even made the big tire look easy! Good work Travis, you have had a great first month! Also glad to have Anna in town again, too bad it’s cause Jamie is going under the knife tomorrow morning.

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1 Response
  1. Good luck tomorrow Jamie!

    Tonight was nice with only 3 rounds…my last WOD was Friday with the 6 brutalizing rounds! My reps tonight (as far as I remember them) were:

    double unders 46/36/29
    15 ft rope climb 3/3/3
    tire flip 10/12/12
    sledge hammer 29/28/29