Tuesday 110111


Rope Climbing Technique 3 x

  • Weighted Back Ext 4 x 15


5 Rds For Time:

  • 5 Deadlift 275#/185#
  • 10 Burpees

WOD Thoughts:  We are going to spend some time prior to the WOD to work on rope climbing techniques and a little posterior chain strength.  Please make sure you watch the video below, this is a great tutorial video about rope climbing.  As for the WOD this a really burner for a WOD.  We are looking for this WOD to take anywhere from 3-8 minutes, this is a SPRINT.  Make sure you choose a proper weight in which you can perform unbroken reps with but is still heavy enough to challenge you.

Coaches Thoughts:  Today was great practice on the ropes and for many of you, you got your first ascent. Of course there will be more days to play on the ropes and I am sure they will end up in a WOD soon! David rocked the ropes today, and Glendon, of course, did some fun stuff for us on the ropes. Don’t we all wish that we were gymnastics when we were young! Karmen get the athlete of the day, sadly she came down on her ankle wrong after a rope climb and ended up with a sprained ankle(we think). However, she was more than a trooper, with no tears, and kept telling us we should just keep going! All of our thoughts are with you and hoping a slight sprain and that you can be back ASAP!

Glendon having some fun on the ropes!

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