Monday 110110


  • 10 min to find your 3 RM Hang Clean


WOD Thoughts:  We’re looking for this WOD to take between 14 and 22 minutes, therefore if you’re not going to finish this within this time frame scale accordingly or just work your ass off and get it done in time.  The challenging aspect of this WOD is going to be the wall climbs, this is the first time we have used wall climbs, therefore don’t under estimate them.  We will give some time to practice this movement, but except the about the same stimulus as handstand push ups or handstand walk. 

Option 1:

5 Rounds for Time

  • 10 Wall Climbs
  • 10 Toes to Bar
  • 10 Box Jumps 24″/20″

Option 2:

3 Rounds for Time:

  • 10 Wall Climb/ or Box Pike Walk
  • 10 Knees to Elbows or Knee Raises
  • 10  Box Jumps/Step Ups


Coaches Thoughts:  ‘Today we had a lot of athletes set a new PR during the strength phase of today’s WOD.  Nikki, and Sarah both hit a 40 LB PR, which is just insane.  Every class at least had a couple of athletes reaching new number’s they’ve never hit before.  Jason A rocked the top total for the day with 235 x 2 which he definitely had more left in him just ran out of time.  In addition Chris S hit a 40 LB PR as well, way to go everyone.  Athlete of the day is a toss up between David and Sarah; David started us off right getting the fastest time in the morning and setting a new 3 RM PR with is hang clean.  Sarah as mentioned before knocked out a 40 LB PR and used Rx’d box jumps in a WOD for the first time.  Good job to both of you, but moment of the day has to go the Amber B.  She hit a 1 RM PR with her first rep of 95 LBs on hang clean and then proceeded to hit an almost text book hang squat clean with is a PR for her front squat on her second rep.  Overall GREAT JOB to all the athletes who came in today.  Oh before I forget Jamie came in early before the 5 pm session and rocked GRACE for the first time Rx’d and did a hell of a job.

Kristi doing great at DU's during "Bull"

3 Responses
  1. Aaron

    3 RM Hang Clean: 185# (felt some pain in the shoulder, so called it good here)

    Subbed hanging leg raises for T2B, rest Rx.
    13:09 (3 rounds)

    The Denver Post re-printed a LA Times article today called “Workouts don’t have to be work: Think fun”. Decent article, but it offered too many allowable justifications for not pushing workouts with true intensity for my taste. Nonetheless, there was a relevant point with respect to today’s WOD (at least for me). “A workout that leads to learning a new skill can also be great for improving self-confidence.” Those wall climbs were certainly a new skill for me. The quote above resonated with me when I read it because I realized that I did have an extra spring in my step after the WOD. I think that extra spring came from conquering the unknown, something new, those wall climbs.

    Anyways, thought I would share. If you are interested in the article in the Post, it is in the Fitness section of today’s paper (5C). Enjoy the WOD!

  2. Aaron

    A little CFE before lunch today.

    6 x 400m run holding best possible pace. Never slowing more than 3 seconds from best interval. 2 minute recovery between intervals.

    1:40.92 (best interval)

    Interesting that the best interval came in round 4 and that the worst interval was round 1. Conditions were not ideal with the air temp and snow on the trail…interval times were probably impacted, but kept it consistent.