Wednesday 110112

Courtney V’s B-Day WOD:

With a Partner and 1 bar:  Bar is not allowed to touch the ground, partners must pass bar back and forth

  • 37 Pull ups (each)

3 Rounds: 

  • 37 Power Clean 95#/65#
  • 37 Thruster
  • 37  Push Press
  • Buddy Carry


  • 37 Pull ups (each)

 WOD Thoughts:  We are starting and finishing the WOD with pull ups since Court works on her pull ups everyday when she is there so now she will get lots of practice. The partner work in the middle should be fairly light, but make sure you use your partner so there is minimal rest if any. The buddy carry is right up Court’s alley as our resident Fire Fighter Combat Challenge stud! The WOD should take between 15-25 min. Time will stop when both partners have finished their pull ups.

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8 Responses
  1. So I’m going to try to start posting my times like my husband does every day. 🙂 If I remember correctly, Cheryl and I had a time of 35:22…maybe?

  2. Luv-2-run

    Susan, I don’t remember our time. My lunch boxl is very heavy today and I think last nights workout has a lot to do with that! 😉