Nutrition Challenge!! Update

There have been a few questions since this post so I thought I would answer them here and make sure everyone understands 🙂

1) When I said “no processed” foods I guess I should have been more clear, I guess I mean processed carbs or alcohol. Dairy is ok in this challenge and is processed.   So dairy YES, alcohol NO

2) I have been asked if frozen veggies are ok, and yes they are. Try to stay away from canned veggies because of the preservatives and the sodium, but frozen is ok.

3) Lastly there have been some questions about oatmeal. Yes it is a grain, no it is not good for you, and no it is not allowed on the challenge 🙂

4) Fruit and natural sugar is allowed. Marinara sauce has been brought up and it is a great question.  There is sugar in marinara sauce from the tomatoes but be sure to read the ingredients and make sure that there is not added sugar. We get ours from Costco, it is White Linen and is all natural with no sugar. It only has 3 grm of carbs per serving and tastes awesome!

If you have other questions please let me know!!!



The nutrition seminar went great two weeks ago so here is the challenge for you guys that were there, and anyone else that wants to join in! Here are the details:

21 Day Challenge: Starting  9/19 ending 10/9

Instead of doing a strict Paleo or a strict Zone challenge we are going to make it simple, yet effective!  No grains, no processed food and no sugar for 21 days! This is simple enough! You can do Zone if you would like, or you can choose to go more Paleo but no matter which way you go, you must take out sugar, grains and any processed food! What will you gain? Control of your food, More energy, better nutrition, better performance, better digestion, and the road to better health. What will you lose? Cravings, inches, inflammation, and weight! It is only 21 days, 3 weeks of your life that will change your health and your life forever!

To be in on the challenge there will be a $10 buy in that goes to the “winner”. The”winner” will be determined as the person that completes there food journal for the entire 21 days, and brings it in to the gym at least once a week for us to look at, and the person that loses the most largest % of weight over the 21 days! We will do weigh in’s on September 19th and then on October 10th. Even if your goals right now do not include “weight loss” I would encourage you to take the challenge to get grains and sugar out of your life! The benefits are EXPONENTIAL!!!  To get signed up you will need to bring in the $10 for the buy in, and do the weight in on the 19th. 

We are giving you a week to get “prepared” for the challenge…this does not mean eat everything under the sun this week, what it means, is grocery shop, research meals and recipes and be prepared for the challenge. It also means, buying in mentally to the challenge and believing that you can do it. It means telling the people in your life what you are doing and asking for support. It means getting the junk food out of your house, office, or anywhere else that it is going to tempt you!!! Please ask all the questions you can this week so that we can set you up for success! I will also create a FB groups for everyone that joins so you can use each other for support!!

Can’t wait to see how everyone feels in a month!!!! If you are on “old” or “new” member I would encourage everyone to take this challenge and take your health to the next level!!!

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