Monday 120604

Last week on Sunday we went to the movies and saw The Avengers.  With that in mind and so many people FINALLY posting to the comments a long with creating such creative names it made me raise the question.  If you were a Super Hero what would your Super Hero name be and what would your power be?  David this one is for you:).

“Functional Fitness Total”

  • Back Squat 1 RM
  • Shoulder Press 1 RM
  • Deadlift 1 RM

*Athletes have 3 attempts at each lift, make sure you choose each weight wisely.

  • Weekly Challenges
  • Mobility

11 Responses
  1. Jess B

    I am a super hero and my power is confinement…HAHAHAHA! No actually I always wanted to be Wonder Woman so I could slap on the silver bracelets, have blue eyes and big perfect boobs….oh wait just kidding again! I want to be the Incredible Hulk so when I turn green its not from wanting to puke after a WOD and its so I have ripped muscles and could kick ass 🙂

  2. afromeatball

    Oh my GOD! This is an even better discussion than the last one! I don’t even know how to answer this question with just one answer! And I may every sentence in this post with a freakin exclamation mark!!!!!!


    Should I go with: Brandon Schwartzkopf with the super power to do unlimited amounts of muscle ups?! Or should I go with stretch AKA Scott Brayshaw and have the super power to draw THE most beautiful pictionary drawings?!!!

    After very little thought, I guess I’ll go with Superman! For numerous reasons (including the fact that he can hide his secret identity with a pair of glasses)! What’s that all about?! Plus he’s got some great hair, like ALL THE TIME!

    I may come back and revisit this discussion.

  3. JustG

    Nerd bomb about to drop!
    Superhero name – Booginator
    So my nickname becomes Booger.
    Powers are listed in order of importance-
    Telekinesis (Phoenix is level 5 mutant power for a reason)
    Super intelligence

    Telekinesis means I can lift any object in crossfit including myself so that makes it cake.
    Invisibility makes it so I can pretend I ran a full mile and short cut through the back yards of people’s houses!

  4. I gotta go with Superman as well. Flight, super strength, secret identity! And hell, if I can cut out sugar from my normal life, I could surely avoid kryptonite in my super-life. Hmm, wonder if Superman is lactose intolerant, I do miss chocolate milk 😉

  5. afromeatball

    The invisible plane and the laso of truth would be sweet accessories that wonder woman happens to own too!

  6. So my super power probably wouldn’t help with my own CF but I would want the power to get people, strangers mostly, to listen to the truth about food, nutrition, and working out. Anytime we are out, whether its dinner, grocery shopping etc, I am saddened by the state of the world. Especially at the grocery store. Everyone has carts full or crap that is literally slowing killing them and their children! I want to run up to people and ask them if they know that they are killing themselves. Obviously, this can’t happen so I would want the power to be able to approach strangers, have them listen, believe and change their habits! It would be a power that could truly change the world!!!

  7. Mark Sanchez wrote!
    I would have the power to control gravity over specific areas. This would let you jump or fall any distance; almost like flying. You could move massive objects or make small objects seem very massive. So for instance bullets would smash into the ground just in front of you. Another nice feature of gravity power is that you can safely and gently over come any number of people simply by turning up the gravity in their area until they are pinned to the ground. I would have to be named “The Force” or “Force” for short. It’s funny because I don’t think this power would help with Functional Fitness!

  8. afromeatball

    Nice comment Force! I tried to write “you are freakin retarded” on facebook, but I think they somehow omitted my bad word…That just made me look ret@*#ded.

  9. Rachel

    Superhero: I would be a mixture of Coach Courtney & my three year old sister, Courtney. =)

    Superpowers: Short, cute, fearless, pro at Functional Fitness, have the amazing ability to make others listen to her, and be “sexy and I know it” (my little sisters favorite line to sing).