Two Part Nutrtion Seminar June 7th & 14

As most of you know we went to the Whole 30 seminar a few weeks ago and learned lots of great information. We would like to pass this along to all of you. We will be focusing on food quality, Paleo, and how to implement this into your life as well as a challenge at the end of the 2 week seminar. It will be a two part seminar so that we can keep it a little shorter, probably about 1.5 hours each time. Both seminars will be held on Thursday nights at 6:30. Part 1 will be June 7th and part 2 will be June 14th. It is VERY important that you make it to both seminars! Please RSVP to comments as well as post any specific questions you would like to have answered to comments or to FB!

Topics that will be covered!

  • Four Good Food Criteria
  • Foods that make you less healthy
  • Foods that make you more healthy
  • Why Paleo might not be working for you
  • Meal Planning & Shopping
  • The Whole30

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11 Responses
  1. blanca

    I will be there, with my husband. Also, my son will come along to the class tomorrow 6-6 at 615. Thanks

  2. Rachel

    What are some paleo cookbooks you would recommend?

    Why do some paleo recipes have (corn, raw sugar, raw honey, & sprouted wheat)? What is your opinion on those foods?

    Which nuts are bad for you and which ones are good for you?

  3. Rachel. I like the Paleo comfort food cookbook, but other than that I don’t have very many recommendations. I honestly think searching on line, like and fastpaleo is the easiest way, and they are free. There are definitely fine lines in Paleo, which is part of what we will cover tonight. But that being said anything that walks the line I would stay away from…basically everything you mentioned above!

    There are not nuts that are actually bad for you but macadamia and hazelnuts have most monounsaturated fat which is the best fast so those would be the ones to pick first. We will have a list for you tonight of the best fats too!

    Thanks for the questions! See you all tonight!