For those of you who have attended  one of our nutrition seminars or have talked to us one on one regarding nutrition, you know that we do not see supplements as a substitute for good nutrition.  From day 1 we have been contacted and by countless amounts of vendors and supplement company’s, asking us to promote and sell their products.  We took the time to test and research each product that was brought to us, however the majority of the products didn’t live up their brands hype and we personally felt that they wouldn’t help our athletes achieve their goals.  Yet their was one product in which we tested several months again that really stood out from the rest, Progenex.  Progenex has receive a lot of publicity in the Functional Fitness community, therefore we decided to give it a shot.  We read the scientific articles and reviews about the products, then decided to test them first hand.  We decided to order the Recovery product, because we both seem to struggle getting food in our system immediately after a WOD so liquid is an easier choice.  As with most protein or supplement products the taste is one of the first things to be sacrificed when it comes to using them, however Progenex didn’t sacrifice this, the taste was great.  Out of all of the products we have tried, even the products in which we tried prior to opening Surge Elite Performance & Fitness, the Progenex Recovery product was the first protein supplement that we could feel the benefits immediately come from.  Normally after a WOD, we are both out of commission for the remainder of the day and the effects of DOMS (Delayed-On Set-Muscle-Soreness)  is soon to follow.  However, this products seemed to buffer and prevent this from happening.  Within two to three hours after the WOD we both felt much more refreshed and ready to hit it again, in addition DOMS didn’t seem to effect either of us as bad with in that 48-72 hour window.  Progenex is truly the only protein supplement that we felt did what it said it’s meant to do.  All the research and reviews that we read regarding the product we feel are true, this is definitely a product that we both will stand behind.  Therefore we have taken the proper steps in becoming a Progenex Affiliate.  Now this means that if you’d like to purchase any of the products you can use our affiliate code and receive a 10% discount on your purchase.  Also we can order single serving sample products for you to try and test.  These products are not cheap by any means but they do work, if you have any questions please let us know.

Now don’t get me wrong, those of you who have talked to us know that the only daily supplementation that we suggest is Fish Oil.  Other than that protein and other supplementation should be used as just that supplementation to a sound and well balance nutrition plan.  Therefore if your having trouble eating whole foods and balanced meals, we don’t not suggest supplementation for you.  These products are to aid and support a well balanced and thought out nutritional plan like the zone or paleo diets.  Supplement can lend a tremendous hand it getting you to your goals, but they are not a will never be as beneficial a really whole food.  Once again please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Progenex products.

Please click here to check out Progenex and it’s website, in addition please read through the testimonials and blog section of the website for great information. 

If your interested in purchasing any of the products, simply select them on the website and when you go to checkout enter SURGE as the discount and you will automatically receive 10% off.

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