Friday 110128

Benchmark Friday!


  • 3×15 Unbroken Pull ups
  • 4×25 Sit ups



  • Power Clean 135#/95#
  • Ring Dips

It has been a long week of surgeries for the Surge family and so far 3 of the 4 have gone well, one more to go!ย Aaron and Jamie have both had shoulder surgery and are doing great. Brandon’s dad also had shoulder surgery today! Justin goes in for ACL tomorrow and then they will all be on the road to recovery! We will miss you all while you are down and can’t wait for you to be healed!

Can't wait for you to be back Jamie!

7 Responses
  1. afromeatball

    Good luck and hope for a speedy recovery for all. I shudder to think how much stronger/faster you all will be once you’re back to full health!

  2. …and to Amie’s beautiful new eyes! Well, to her NEW eyes; we all know they were already beautiful!

    I was commenting to Karmen yesterday about everyone who had been ‘unable to perform’ at Surge lately. Two eye surgeries, two shoulders surgeries, one knee surgery, and one sprained ankle. At least five out of the six were planned! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck to Justin today. We’ll be thinking about about you!

  3. Signer

    Wishing a speedy recovery to everyone and some bacitracin for the rope burns on my legs…THAT DOES IT….my shins bleed every time I work out at Surge…I’m getting shin guards….puh!

  4. Nice work today everyone! And yes we are wishing everyone a speedy recovery. At least all of the surgeries are over, we were excited to have Aaron back in the gym this morning, great to see him moving already! Justin’s surgery went well and they are saying 6 weeks till he is back!

    Susan solid work today but I think you should/could have gone heavier! Your cleans are better than mine, and I managed 90, it was slow but heaviest I have done and unassisted ring dips for the first time!!!