Even 2010 Functional Fitness Games Women’s Champion, Kristan Clever admits she has had to give up some of her own guilty pleasures in order to help her acheive and accomplish what is important to her.  Like a lot of us coffee is her guilty pleasure, she talks about it here in her interview about coffee and Functional Fitness. 

Personally I have had to give up several guilty pleasures that hinder me from accomplishing what I want to accomplish.  Once upon a time I lived by the motto that no matter what there was always room for desert when you go out to eat.  Therefore every time I would eat out no matter the occasion or how full I was, I would top off my dinner is an extra serving of ice cream or chocolate cake.  Looking back for one I can’t believe I did that and thought it was a good idea, and two I was the epitome of “skinny fat.”  See I’ve always been blessed with a high or fast metabolism, which basically allowed me to eat almost anything and stay relatively “fit” looking.  However, I now know that there’s a huge difference between looking fit and being fit.  My first experience with Functional Fitness demonstrated this very well.  I may have looked fit and was able to lift almost anything in the gym, but ask me to increase my heart rate and perform I knew there was no way.  Or even to simply run a 5k seemed overwhelming to me at this time. 

When the Zone Diet was introduced to me I had no idea how much this simple diet would change not only the way I eat but how I veiw food in general.  I learned what a serving of food was, how each food group impacted me not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  I learned that food isn’t something to simply fill my stomach with, but rather food is the fuel source that supplies my body with energy so it can run smoothly and efficiently.  Food truly is no different then the grade of gasoline you put into your car, the cheaper the gas the worse off your car runs and the less life span it has.  Therefore if I truly want to accomplish and achieve the goals I have set out for myself I need to make a few sacrifices, thus I now reward myself one a week with a “Treat Meal,” thanks Josh for the play on words.  This one meal a week I dedicate to rewarding myself for staying the course and holding to the commitments I made to myself.  Typically this meal is held off and designated for Saturday afternoon or night where I partake in my guilty little pleasure of ice cream.  But I use this one meal as a reward, I savor every bite, but once it’s gone it’s gone. 

“The Fittest Women in the World” had to give up something she enjoy’s.  What are some of your own guilty pleasures that you may have to reduce or take away in order for you to achieve your goals?  Yes you may absolutely enjoy these pleasures, but are they holding you back from what you truly want for yourself.  Examples can be Starbucks, ice cream, cakes, pop, juices, pasta, ect…  Let us know please post to the comments section some of your own pleasures that you have a hard time giving up.

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