Looking in the Mirror Before the Post “Resolution” Seminar

Next Thursday at 6:15 pm we’re holding a Post “Resolution” Seminar.  This seminar is going to focus around the goals that all of us have set for ourselves but have for some reason found away not to follow through with them.  Before the seminar it’s important that you ask yourself some questions.  These questions are the type of questions that are important to ask yourself all the time, but for the sake of the seminar it’s impeccable you ask yourself these questions before next Thursday. 

First and foremost no matter what your goals maybe, it’s extremely important that you take the time to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what it is or what happens that causes you to stray from accomplishing your goals.  Without identifying this, you’re most likely setting yourself up for failure.  There are all kinds of reason’s that we don’t succeed but if we can narrow down the reasons or circumstances that contribute to us not succeeding, it will make the process of accomplishing our goals much easier. 

Therefore what are some of the reason’s or road blocks that inhibit you from succeeding and accomplishing your goals?  What obstacles interfere with you getting you to where or what you want to be or do?  Post to comments and let us know, start thinking about this and ask yourself this question.  Without knowing this your task is much greater.

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