Friday 101203

Benchmark Friday


  • Shoulder Press 8 x 2 @ 65% of 1 RM



At the top of every minute perform 1 Rd of:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

* Once you are no longer able to finish the full round with in that given minute you’re done.

Wall of Fame

 Start thinking what events you want to do this coming year. Kristi and Stefan are going to do the Resolution Run on New Years Eve, so we are contemplating that as well.  I know that we are planning on the Warrior Dash, the Metro Dash, maybe a Relay Run from Ft. Collins to Steamboat, and whatever else anyone else wants to do. If you have a run or any kind of fun competition you know about let me know and we will get it on the event calendar!

Coaches Thoughts: I think after today we would all like to do “Cindy” again and see where our numbers are. The hardest part of Chelsea is that instead of resting when you want to , you have to rest when the clock tells you that you can. Everyone did awesome today and the extra credit effort that was put forth today was great. Athlete of the day goes to Jason A, who did 20 rounds of Cindy even though they didn’t “count” towards his score on the whiteboard. He then went right into 96 burpees and finished with his 100 sit ups! Jason you have a fire in you that is inspiring and can’t wait to see what you can achieve! Great work to Glendon who got all 30 Rx’d, Susan who got 22 Rx’d, and Cheryl who also got 30(with 2 bands on pull ups, and push ups on her knees)!

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14 Responses
  1. Luv-2-run

    49 – done.
    I’m doing the colfax marathon, rock n roll marathon, and the north fork 50 miler. These are the only races I’ve signed up for so far. There’s also a bunny race (50 miles) I hope to run, but registration isn’t open yet. I also hope to run the pikes peak marathon, again registration isn’t open yet. This race fills in a couple hours so I’m going to sit at the computer and try to get in during that window of time! The warrior dash looks fun. I had a couple friends do it last year. They both had a blast.

  2. Good job everyone! David, you need to do your burpees at the airport on your way home too, but this time get someone to video it for us! You ROCK!!!! Have fun in SF!

  3. JustG

    So like is it bad that I have a red lump on my arm from the kettle bells? I had to brush my teeth left handed because of that workout and left handed teeth brushing is more challenging then our WOD’s… I realized tonight that Functional Fitness will not prepare you for “everything”, like what if i lost my right arm, then I won’t be able to brush my teeth, then my teeth will fall out. Now that i’m done explaining how special-ed i am.

    I love this community, I never met anyone that was willing to do burpees in an airport or run 50 miles… Now I’ve entered a world that most everyone is just as mental as I am. Good job on the burpees so far guys.

  4. Luv-2-run

    48 – done!

    Love the workout this morning! Some of my friends and I agree, it’s a good run if you know that it will hurt more to stop and shower than to keep running. That’s how the workout felt! Loved it. 😉

  5. 20 at Vail today while snowmobiling with Nick, in full gear. The 101 at the gym. 76 to finish mine and the rest with Jason and Josh. Solid work today everyone!