Thursday 101202


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

  • 12 Steps Figure 8 Lunges with KB/DB
  • 6 KB/DB Snatch RT Arm
  • 12 Steps Figure 8 Lunges with KB/DB
  • 6 KB/DB Snatch LT Arm

Please watch this instructional video before you come to the gym today.

12 Responses
  1. afromeatball

    Day 2 of burpee challenge complete: 49 reps done in 2 min 32 seconds at gate B24 at DIA. Surprised nobody cared that I burst into exercise without warning…weird.

  2. Aaron

    Outstanding! I love it. They must have thought nothing of it since you clearly maded it through security already without issue.

  3. afromeatball

    Oh yeah, and I’m sure I smelt great for the rest of my co-passengers during flight time. At least there was an empty seat between the person in the same row and myself.

    It also sounds like people are wayyyyy to excited to be doing these burpees too! You guys are crazy and I love it!

  4. So I’m also doing the 50 for 50 days also. Was going to do 100 and count down by 2, but I just don’t have time for that! Anyway, I got my 50 in for today. Lincoln did the first 11 with me then decided to stop. I guess that was enough for a 4-year old! 🙂

  5. Josh

    Day 2 done. 50 reps in 6:19. I love burpees so much that I decided to shoot for 50 per day as well. Stupid burpees…

  6. amienshea

    Amie:98 burpees for time. It took me 15 mintues today. I was a little slow but still finshed strong.

    Jeff: 98 burpees for time.. Jeff had an awesome time of 8:11.

  7. Signer

    100 completed yesterday, I’m going to do the 50 for 50 as well!

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