Working the muscle between your ears!

REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH… How many of you hit the refresh button on your browser yesterday waiting for us to post the WOD?

As most of you have figured out, we are not posting WOD this week…why you ask? We are spending this week working on your brains as well as your bodies. As you know part of Functional Fitness is the unknown and the knowable, so this week be ready for not knowing your WOD’s, thinking you know(but you won’t) and be ready to break down some barriers in your head. We have said it a million times but I will say it one more time, your brain will quit long before your body does! I want everyone this week to really focus on positive self talk, finding your limit or your perceived limit and pushing past it. If you think you can’t do one more rep, do 2. You will be amazed at how much better your times will get. The farther you get out of your comfort zone this week, the bigger that comfort zone will become and the more work and intensity you will be able to hold in your WOD and daily life!  We also want everyone to focus on getting your heart rate/breathing to the point where you are not ok holding it, and keep it there. Many of you get in your head when your breathing gets elevated, focus this week on embracing that discomfort and holding that breathlessness longer and longer. It is ok, to be brethless and you should be in the midst of most WOD’s! If you have had “runner’s” cough after Fran you know what I am talking about, make those lunges burn, because each time you do it will get easier and easier to hold that same pace and to increase it!

I do apologize to the husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, and co-workers who we are affecting this week becaue they are unable to talk about the workout until the end of the day when they have all completed it! BUT pleases stay strong and don’t reveal the WOD to anyone before they have done it! You will only be hurting them! 🙂 

Solid V-ups Jamie!
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