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As many of you know we are not big into doing challenges. We have done some in the past but have found that most of the time, there are only a few people that stick to it, and they are never inclusive enough to cause life changes. I think often challenges make people feel worse about themselves and not better…which is the whole point! However, we believe this challenge is WAY different! Our friends at Functional Fitness LA came up with the idea of the Whole Life Challenge a few years ago and we followed them last year through the challenge or game as they like to call it.

What makes this challenge different? Because it’s a game and we will refer to it as that from here on out!

  • It’s fun
  • It holds you accountable and shows you what you are really doing
  • It doesn’t expect you to be perfect in the beginning or the end, but does show you how to improve for long term success
  • It takes into all aspects of HEALTH!!! (Nutrition, sleep, water, workouts, mobility, supplements(fish oil and vitamins), mindfulness
  • You get access to the Whole Life Challenge worldwide Scoreboard
  • It tracks performance
  • It will lead to body transformation


Wednesday Feb 6th at 6:15pm: Nutrition Seminar

  • We will be covering the basics of Paleo and going over the guidelines for the game so that you can set yourself up for success

Wednesday Feb 13th at 7:15 pm: Challenge Pre-Game

  • We will be going over all of the “rules” of the game and making sure everyone knows how to play. We will answer any questions about the details of the game.

Friday Feb 15th: All classes will be doing the Baseline WOD for the game.

  • More details of what the baseline WOD will be to be announced that week. If you are unable to make it in on the 15th please let us know ASAP so we can make sure you get it done by the 16th.

Saturday Feb 16th- Official START of the game

Friday April 12-Final Testing

  • All classes will be doing the baseline WOD again to measure gains in performance. Same goes as the initial testing, please let us know if you can’t make it that Friday so we can get to tested before the game ends on the 13th


  • We will be having a party to celebrate everyone’s change, growth, and participation. We will also have prizes for the “winners” and other awards TBA.

I know you are all excited to sign up and ready for this game, but we want EVERYONE in the gym to do it so we decided to add a little extra incentive to sign up!

The cost of the game is $45.

For every Surge member that signs up, in addition to the above mentioned benefits and prizes you will also have your choice of:

  1. 1/2  hour One on one training session with Courtney or Brandon (This is the perfect time to get that little extra help you might need on pull ups, MU, HSPU, snatch, clean and jerk, Pose running etc)
  2. 1/2  hour private nutrition counseling with Courtney or Brandon (Have specific questions, we have answers)
  3. $25 off your membership dues in March
  4. $25 toward Surge gear (Who doesn’t always need more awesome Surge gear)

Beyond helping our members we really want to use this challenge to help others in our community, our friend and our families. We have NEVER done a promotion on our pricing so you know this is a big deal.  We are going to offer to all non Surge friends and family an awesome way to get started on the road to health.  If they sign up for the challenge we will offer them:

  • 3 month unlimited membership for the cost of a 3 day a week membership

As a Surge member if a friend or family member of your signs up, you will also receive your choice of the above options…training, stuff, etc.

As the challenge goes on we will also be hosting Potlucks, hikes if the weather cooperates, weekly prizes and challenges and lots of stuff to make the game fun!


Use this link to register under Surge!


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