Wednesday Essentials 120104



1 min tests

  • max singles                       
  • max double unders

30sec test

  • max push ups
  • max sit ups
  • max pull ups         

3 attempts

  •  max broad jump
  • max height jump reach up wall


“Cindy”  20 min AMRAP

* assist pull ups w bands as needed or jumping pull ups

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 air squats
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1 Response
  1. Nettiej

    Nice work today!! Here are the results frm the morning class. Make sure you record these in your own log books. Make note of where you may think some of your weaknesses are.

    S= Single jump rope DU= Double Under HJ=Height Jump
    BJ= Broad Jump PLU= Pullup PSHU= Push up C= Cindy

    Jen: S-139, DU-19, HJ-7’10”, BJ-8’1/4″, PLU-10(2grn), PSHU-21,

    Pearlie: S-141, DU-15, HJ-7’2″, BJ-5’9″, PLU-11(1bl),
    PSHU-13, C-6 in 13:26

    Darrell: S-132, DU-12, HJ-9’1/2″, BJ-7’8 1/4″, PLU-10
    (6, 4 1grn), PSHU-25, C-12+20

    Piper: S-67, DU-13, HJ-7’6 1/2″, BJ-5’8″, PLU-7(3grn),
    PSHU-13, C-10+15

    Chad: S-144, DU-19, HJ-8’7 1/4″, BJ-7’9″, PLU-8, PSHU-22

    Kathy: S-115, DU-8, HJ-7’6″, BJ-6′ 7 1/4″, PLU-9(2grn)
    PSHU-16, C-9+2