Wednesday 110223


Back Squat (Phase I/Week 1 Working off 90% of 1 RM)

  • 5 @ 65%
  • 5 @ 75%
  • 5+ @ 85%


“Goat Day”

The great thing about Functional Fitness is the aspect of exposing weaknesses or thing’s in which we may not be as good at right now aka “Goats”.  Therefore each week we’re going to try and dedicate some time towards working on these “Goats.”  Today’s WOD is based around some of the “Goats” that have been hindering your progress.  Before you come to the gym today think long and hard about some of the things that you feel you need to spend special attention on (Pull ups, double unders, handstand push ups, muscle ups, cleans, snatch, ect..).  If you haven’t learned yet the beauty of Functional Fitness is that the goal isn’t to be great at one specific thing or movement, the goal is to be good at variety of different skills.  We’ll change up the way in which we perform these “Goat” days, some days maybe more of a strength and skill session, and others we may put them into an AMRAP and allow you to get some Metcon work with your “Goat.”  Either way the only way to get better is by working on the things we don’t enjoy doing or are not quite as good at right now.

2 Responses
  1. Tonight I worked on bench press. I’ve always had a tough time with that. My previous PR was 80#; I got 100# today. So a 20# PR! For the first 5 minutes of the WOD, I worked my way up to my 1RM. The next 10 minutes I performed 3 75# bench presses at the top of every minute.

    Afterward, I did my max box jump and broad jump that I had missed in the All Around week.

    Box Jump = 38.5″
    Broad Jump = 86″