Wednesday 101229


Deadlift (Increase 10 LBS from Previous 90% of 1 RM Weight)

  • 5 @ 75%
  • 5 @ 80%
  • 5+ @ 85%

Between Sets Perform

  • 30 seconds Front Plank,
  • 30 seconds Side Plank
  • 30 seconds Side Plank


With a Partner Perform 4 Rds For Time and Reps:

  • AMRAP Deadlift 225#/155#
  • Plate Push 20 yrds

* Partner A completes AMRAP of deadlift, while partner B completes plate push.  Once partner B completes the plate push, partner A begins the plate push portion of the WOD.

Coaches Thoughts:  Today was a great test of the posterior chain.  We had some athletes knock out some amazing numbers on their last set of the deadlifts.  The WOD provided a great test of drive and patience, with the plate push.  For those few athletes who found the proper technique the WOD was a bit easier.  However, for those who couldn’t get it found themselves struggling and frustrated.  Aaron and Raphael knocked out the top times of the day, and Courtney S and Josh completed the most reps with 132.  Great job today everyone, keep it up only two days left in the week.

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