Wednesday 101110


Clean (working off 100% of 1 RM)

  • 2 x 4 @ 75%
  • 2 x 3 @ 80%


For Time:

Men move 6000 LB, Women move 4200 LB Ground to Overhead

Mens Options

  • 155# x 39 Reps
  • 135# x 44 Reps
  • 115# x 52 Reps
  • 95# x  63 Reps
  • 75# x 80 Reps

Womens Options

  • 105# x 39 Reps
  • 95# x 44 Reps
  • 75# x 56 Reps
  • 55# x 76 Reps
  • 45# x 93 Reps

* Athletes are allowed to choose the weight in which their going to use.  However, once you start at that weight you’re not allowed to change weight.

Coaches Thoughts: Today was a great day to watch everyone stratagize on how they wanted to do the WOD and what made the most sense. We didn’t end up having anyone go really heavy for the shortest reps but we did have some weight in between and the lowest weight with the highest reps. I happened to be one of those and think it was not the best plan. 93 reps was just too many and fairly mental by the end. It seems that for the girls 55# was the best bet. For the guys the best times were put up by Glendon and Josh who did 115# with Justin right behind using 75#. Great job today on the clean and jerk during the WOD, but I think we are gonna need to spend some more time working on snatch!

Athlete of the day goes to Val E. She did the WOD with 75# which is the same weight she did “Grace”. She said before she started…it’s just like Grace twice! She had a great time and great attitude today. Nice work Val.

Quotes of the day:Conversation between Nick, Rob and Jake H. ” Where has George been?” I told them that he is coming to the 5:15am class now, they were disappointed and wish they still got to work out with him. Jake said, “I just hope to be 1/2 as fit as him at his age”. Now George we know that 59 is not old! But I wanted you to know how impressed all of the members and Brandon and are by you  and that the 8 am class misses you!

We want to officially welcome Glendon. He has been doing CF at a globo gym for a few years now and we are so excited to have him join us! Not to mention that we are super excited to pick his brain about gymnastics and watch him do cool shit on the rings!

What we all hope to do in the future! Nice job Glendon!

And I also want to welcome my friend Marc for high school who is following our site and programming from Indiana. So if you see his times posted please help me give him props and feel like part of our family! Hopefully he will actually get to come do a WOD with us the next time he is in town!

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