Thursday 101111


15-12-9-6-3 For Time:

  • Simulated Shoveling RT Foot in Front 45#/25#
  • Single Arm Thruster Rt 35#/25#
  • Simulated Shoveling Lt Foot in Front 45#/25#
  • Single Arm Thruster Lt 35#/25#

For those of you who haven’t known or just haven’t taken the time to check out Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD, we are going to start posting his daily mobility WOD on our page.  Kelly Starrett is a well known coach and owner of San Fransico Functional Fitness, he’s a licenced physical theropist and also the creator of Functional Fitness’s Movement and Mobility certification.  These WODs are going to be EVERYONE’S homework assignment. Each WOD should take any where from 4 to 10 minutes to complete, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for you not to get them done.  We all have issues with movement and flexibility, and these WOD’s are intended for opening up the joints and muscle’s for movement.  Please follow along daily, and if you want to get caught up on some of the previous Mobility WOD’s you can check out his site at

Coaches Thoughts:  In honor of the first snow fall this winter we decided to get everyone ready for the up an coming shoveling most of them will most likely be partaking in.  The simulated shoveling added a new twist to mid-line stability which most athletes where not prepared for.  This is the great thing about functional movements and exercise, most of us don’t think about mid-line stability while we’re shoveling our drive ways and side walks.  Athletes of the day have to go to Chris S who turned in the fastest time of the day, and Fidelity who rocked the WOD being the only athlete all day long to perform the WOD Rxd.

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