Wednesday 100804

Great job to everyone yesterday.  I especially want to say great work to the early A.M. crew who despite the coaches mishap and missing the WOD managed to rally and get the workout done.  Great work and great dedication to all of you.


  • 10 Minutes of Pistol Work


“Edna’s B-Day”

4 Rds For Time of:

  • 7 Hang Clean 135#/95#
  • 24 Wall Squats
  • 40 Sky Divers

* Wall squats are performed by standing about 6 inches away from the wall with your hands over your head, keep your arms extended and perform a squat.  Perform a full range squat WITHOUT touching the wall.  Make sure your focus on activating your abdominal and low back.

Extra great job by Karmen today, who came in second beating all the girls and all but one guy,  all while using 15# more on her clean than she has done before!

Congrats to Edna who rocked her own B-Day WOD!
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2 Responses
  1. Aaron

    Day 16: One-armed WODs

    10 Minutes of Pistol Work

    4 Rds For Time of:
    7 Hang Clean 135# (subbed single arm, 65# DB hang clean)
    24 Wall Squats (facing the wall, toes 6” from the wall, arms overhead, don’t touch the wall)
    40 Sky Divers

    Total Time: 9:05

  2. Aaron

    Thought I would share with all my friends at Surge (and I guess technically the entire internet), I officially found 200 lbs today. That is a 35 lb loss since September 2009. Haven’t seen 200 lbs since high school.

    Thanks Functional Fitness…I couldn’t (I know, I will do the 5 burpees once my shoulder is better) have done it without you.