Tuesday 100803


  • 10 Minutes to find your max height box jump.


For Time:

  • 150 Push Ups

* Perform as many push ups as you can, you can rest in a locked out position or hold anyway you can so long as you don’t drop.  Once you drop you have to sprint 230 meters, then continue push ups.  Once 150 are complete your finished.

Extra Credit:

  • Foam Roll
  • Band Stretch Series

Congrats to David, who at his first Surge class showed us all up with his 52″ box jump! Video to follow. Solid work and welcome David!

Nice day for some push ups and running!
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2 Responses
  1. Aaron

    Day 15: One-armed WODs

    For time:
    Run 1,600m, then 30 squats (split 7:52, total 7:52)
    Run 1,200m, then 30 squats (6:05, 13:56)
    Run 800m, then 40 squats (5:04, 19:00)
    Run 400m, then 50 squats (3:28, 22:28)

  2. Nice work to the 5:15am class, so sorry for the alarm issue 🙁 I think we owe burpees for that! I am guessing the rest of the crew did the run then push-ups! If you guys know your time pleae post! Good work on a long WOD! Proud of all of you for staying to workout without us!