Warrior Dash Aug 20th-Register today = SAVE $$$$

Sorry for the late(kinda) notice! We are going to be doing the Warrior Dash, Aug 20th up at Copper Mtn, again this year and would love to have a big Surge crew up there. There is plenty of time to register but if you register today by 11:59 pm it is $45. After today it is $65! If you can sign up today you will save some money that can go to celebratory cocktails after the race! Also we are planning on getting rooms Friday and Saturday(or just Sat haven’t decided for sure), so when you get signed up let us know and we can coordinate rooms etc, for anyone that wants to stay in Cooper after the race. We would like to get a condo if possible so we can save money and stay together, so if anyone has a hook up at Cooper let us know! There was a group of us that did it this year and had a great time! It is a super fun race and a great party after! Brandon and I are in the 9:30 wave, so sign up for the 9 or 9:30 if you can!

Here is the link with more info: http://www.warriordash.com/register2011_rockies.php

So far I know people that are in: Brandon, Courtney, Aaron, Susan, Jess, Glendon, Josh, Amber, Jason, and Amie! Post to comments when you get registered!

2010 Warrior Dash...post race 🙂
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  1. JustG

    signed sat 9:30. good thing i got internet today! i expect a hotel room and some hard alcohol the night after the race!!