Tuesday 100615

Skill Work:

2 Rds of:

  • Length of the gym Walk on your hands
  • Handstand Hold (60 seconds)

* There is no time component to the workout.  The handstand hold is acculuated time, and don’t rush the handstand walk make sure you get your balance and take one step at a time.


  • Squat Clean

* Every minute on the minute perform 3 squat cleans, men starting with 45# women with 35#.  For the second minute men increase the weight 10# women increase 5#, so go up to 55#/ 40# and perform 3 repetitions.  Continue with this sequence every minute increasing the weight 10# with every successful attempt.  However, when you are no longer able to complete 3 repetitions in that minute drop down to 1 repetition and continue as long as you are able. Ex (135 x 3, 145 x 3, 155 x 3, 165 x 1, 175 x 1, 185 x 1, 195 fail).


  • JB(with one hand and a dumbell) 45 x3, 55×1—-AWESOME!
  • Miss E 85×3, 100 x1
  • Jake 125×3, 145×1
  • Shannon 135x 3,  155×1
  • Aaron 225 x1
  • George 155
  • Court 75 x3, 85 x1


First off thank you goes out to Kelly Starrett and Functional Fitness San Francisco for this amazing video link.  Please take a few minutes and review the attached video.  Gil Hedley who is an awesome anatomist, explains in very easy terms how your body becomes tight and ridged through time and lack of movement.   He explains how stretching and moving through full range of motion is crucial to any healthy joint and musculature in your body.  A great way to think about this is how well does your muscle tissue and other tissues slide past each other?  With the build up of fascia or “fuzz” around our joints and muscles the greater the internal resistance we have on our system.  With an increased internal resistance our bodies have a decreased efficiency which means a lose in power output, aka lose in performance. Therefore it is critical that everyday we need to wake up and stretch, move through full range of motion, and use the foam rollers at the gym.  “Melt the Fuzz,” by simply moving and not allowing these tissues to stiffen you will notice a greater compacity for work not only now, but for the rest of your life. 

What\’s With Fuzz

JB showing us all up with her one arm dumbell squat clean!
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2 Responses
  1. KGriff

    2 handstand holds (60 sec and 38 sec)

    squat cleans: 45×3, 50×3, 55×3, 60×3, 65×3, 70×3, 75×3, 80×1, 85×1, 90×1
    lower back was hurting a bit so I decided not to try for 95#

  2. 2 handstand holds (1:41 and 1:00)

    Squat cleans: 45×3, 50×3, 55×3, 60×3, 65×3, 70×3, 75×3, 80×3, 85×2, 90×1, 95×1, 100 (fail)