Sunday 110227

Rest Day!!!

We’ve heard a lot of athletes commenting on how tight and sore they are from this week of fun!!! Now most likely that tightness and soreness is steming from not performing the Mobility WOD each day.  These WODs are not hard to do, they take maybe 10-15 minutes.  Mobilizing yourself is just as if not more important then the WODs you put yourselves through when you come into Surge.  THEREFORE, MAKE SURE YOU’RE PERFOMORING THE MOBILITY WODS EVERYDAY!!!!!

Amber rocking handstands on vacation in Florida!
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  1. KGriff

    At home I did the 20-1 ladder (20 push-ups, 1 sit-up then 19 push-ups, 2 sit-ups until you reach 1 push-up, 20 sit-ups).

    Time: 24:07

    The last time I did this was Jan 6th and my time was 30:48.

    Great job to everyone who did Fran last Friday!!

    Have a great week everyone!!!