Nutrition Post #1…possible rant!

It was asked yesterday that I do a daily or weekly nutrition post. I am going to preface this with the face that you all know how passionate I am, so if occasionally these turn into rants I apologize. I will do my best to keep them helpful and positive!  Also, please ignore the typos as I am HORRIBLE about proofing my own work, I always read what I want it to say and not what it may actually say…this is why I am a coach and not an English teacher, I will leave that job to my mom!

I have been thinking all morning what I should write about, and what is at the top of my list is the Superhero question, so I am going to chat about that. If you have not read the superhero post, my power would be to talk to strangers and teach them about food, health and how the food that they are eating, is killing them and their children. Now I know this sounds harsh, but when you look at it, the food you eat, every bite is doing one of two things 1) Making you more healthy  2) making you less healthy. If it is making you less healthy it will eventually be causing one or more aliments or diseases that very well may kill you.  As I walk around the world, I see sad, out of shape, sick, and unhappy and unhealthy people. I usually get to observe them doing something that is contributing to the issues that they have, like eating or grocery shopping.  We don’t go out a lot, so the places I go on a normal  basis are Costco, SunFlower, and Target.  Brandon and I, as bad as this may sound often look at shopping carts and label them pass or fail, and I believe we have only seen about 5 carts that have ever passed…at least of people that we don’t know. I have often run into Surge members at Sunflower who have carts that pass with flying colors. I honestly have only seen 1 cart at Costco, and it was a guy dressed in sweats, hurrying around the store, with meat ad veggies. If I were guessing I would say this guy works in the fitness industry in some fashion. I constantly see people who are look like they are “trying” meaning they have “low-fat” “gluten free” sugar-Free”  “diet” items in their cart. However, what they don’t know is that all of those items are almost worse for you than the original counter parts. I see them with diet pop and 4 loaves of bread, and watch them order a slice of pizza, a pop and an ice cream as a meal for themselves and their children.  We have even overheard conversations about wanting to lose weight, get healthy etc. Which makes me want to somehow, someway politely say “I have the answers to ALL of your health problems, and the answer is simple can I tell you about it?”  I doubt that this would ever work, and I doubt more that anyone would listen.

The question then is, why won’t they listen? Here is what I think

1) They don’t want to listen because the answer is “hard”. Do I think it is hard, no I don’t think it is, but others seem to. It is hard   because it means giving us processed food, it means learning to cook, and it means taking some responsibility for the position that they are in. It also means that is takes away all of the excuses…i.e

” I have tried everything I just can’t lose weight”—no you haven’t cause if you had truly done Paleo for any amount of time it would         have worked. I guarantee it!

“I have a horrible sweet tooth“- Ya so do we all because we eat food that have excess amount of sugar and carbs that confuses our bodies so that our brain and body are not able to transfer the normal hungry and full ques, “food without brakes”, so we just keep eating, which make us want more sugar. Get the sugar out of your body and I guarantee that sweet tooth will go away. I know I had a horrible sweet tooth, and no longer do.

“I’m addicted to carbs“– Similar answer as the above, that is all you have trained your body to want processed food that doesn’t provide any nutrition and is food without “brakes”. You can change the energy system that your body relies on from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner. Being a fat burner is WAY more ideal and leads to great healthy in general.  But again you HAVE to get the processed food and carbs out of your system.

“It’s genetic” Most of the time it is not, it is learned and taught by the people that raise us and society.

…all of those are simply excuses that people use to explain how they managed to get so unhealthy and in such a bad place.

2) The other reason that people don’t listen or want to listen is the media! Yes folks the commercials, and even talk shows like Dr. OZ and the doctors are not telling you the truth, or the whole truth. Why not you ask?  MONEY and politics. Everything you see on TV has someone paying for it and someone making money off of it, they have their best interest in mind not our health. So even sources that we think might be reliable aren’t necessarily the right people to listen to. Here are some of my favorite worst commercials!

a) The “Great Grains” commercial when they say I can see better nutrition….okay this isn’t the current one, but is just as bad. Listen to the line “See the other guys are more processed”  Ya but guess what you are still processed, and the grains you are eating are eating away at the lining of your intestines and making you sick.

b) Then there is the corn syrup commercial “Your body can’t tell the difference, sugar is sugar” No Sh*** seriously it is ALL bad for you!  So you can corn syrup commercial and watch the commercial, but I am actually happy to say that when I did that, the commercial “cannot” be shared because they must have figured out how bad it is, and it has 5 like and about 500 dislikes. Not to mention there are tons of spoof video’s on the commercial…I decided to post one of those below!


Okay so that might be enough for tonight but I will continue on this topic tomorrow. But my challenge to you, is do a food journal, starting tomorrow and simply write beside each meal either 1) more healthy  2) less healthy! See how you day plays out!

Please post thoughts and questions to comments!  (and sorry for any typos)

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2 Responses
  1. adabel82

    I love and agree with EVERYTHING you said. I do believe that people, by nature, want the easy route. So popping a “diet” pill while grabbing fast food registers somewhere in their minds as a good way to lose weight. Losing weight doesn’t make you healthy. I know this all too well as I was sickly skinny at a point in my life and I have recovered from injuries obtained from over training and under eating. I thought I was doing right, because I was SKINNY… Now I like being a Beef Cake, I feel better and I am getting better at eating Paleo. Honestly, you couldn’t get me to cook for s*** before I started this, now for the last two months, I have made it a point to spend time planning my meals, shopping list and cooking. Is it easy? Do I REALLY have that time…simple “stay sane” answer is no… But I dig every minute and I am loving my results. Easy road always leads to cheap results…in all aspects of life.