Nothing like a Fitness Expo to Make you Realize

So Court and I randomly got the urge this last weekend to try and put the Functional Fitness methodology to the test by trying to sign up for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon without specifically training for it. Unfortunately we were unable to get registered for the marathon, but we were able to check out the fitness expo that was being held at the convention center.  Now there were an estimated 14,000 people signed up to run/walk the race, but I’d guess at least that many people stopped in to check out the expo.  As we walked through the sea of people, than in and out of all the vendor booths, the one thing we both took notice to was which booths were the busiest.  Every booth that had some sort of hidden secret about improving your fitness, or had a magic ingredient in their energy bar/drink that will make a person into an Olympic caliber athlete with simply taking a bite or drink.  Every row we went down seemed to have the same story of people seeking a quick and easy fix. 

The truth is, this is exactly why I can’t stand the fitness industry sometimes. It’s a billion dollar industry and there are so many people and manufacture that take advantage of people.  This industry is highly commercialized and debated every where.  This is why it’s so hard to find the right answers to what will truly help you get you to your health goals and fitness dreams.  Now don’t get me wrong, not every vendor at the expo was unaccredited and was a “gimmick.”  I’m simply talking about those vendors that all of a sudden have solved all of America’s problem with a simple pill, or the vendor that had a strobe light that will automatically make you run faster.  These are no different any of the infomercials you can see every night of the week if you decide to stay up late enough. 

No matter what, when it comes to your health and fitness goals there is no substitute for regular exercise and having a well balanced and health diet.  This weekend really reiterated the fact of why America is in such dire straits when it comes to health and fitness. This is why our country continues to have an increase in all of the health disease’s that surround Syndrome X.  We were in a room full of people that were getting ready to run or walk at least a 1/2 marathon, and the majority of them were still searching for that magic solution.  The only magic solution that has been scientifically proven over and over again is hard work and dedication to your goals and health.  There is not a substitute for that, and quite frankly if there was what would be the point.  Hard work does more for you than just make you look good, there is a ton of pride and self accomplishment that comes with hard work.

Therefore if you get anything from this rant, please take away the fact that there are no quick fixes.  You have to work for everything in life no matter what it is.  Keep working your butts off cause that work is paying off for all of you, keep your eye on the prize and and the rewards will be soon to follow. 

Please check out the video below as well, and listen to the words that Chris Spealler say when he talks about fitness being a journal, and that there are no quick fixes.  Oh and for those of you who don’t know who Chris Spealler is, he is the 3rd fittest man on the planet and is in my opinion one of the best ambassadors for fitness that is out there.

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