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Ok Surge Family I’m sure most of you have noticed that classes have been much more crowded as of late.  We figured adding the scheduling tool to register for classes would help however that hasn’t seemed to.  Thanks to all of you our Family and Community here at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness has grown since day one especially as of late.  The constent question as of late has been when are we moving or increasing our size.  This is something we are currently working to figure out.  However, before we do consider moving or expanding we need ALL of the Surge Families imput and help. 

There are quite a few reasons for wanting to expand; the possibility to introduce and help more people by teaching them Functional Fitness.  The addition of class times, specialized classes (Oly, Strength, Endurance, Gymnastics, Kids, ect…), and yoga.  In addition we want a location that will have showers and an additional bathroom.  This is just a small glimpse into what we want to provide at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  But before we go down this path we want to make sure that we keep and maintain the same feel and coaching that has brought our family to this point.  Therefore we need your imput.  What are some of the things that you would like to see changed or added here at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness?  What are some of things you would like to not see changed throughout this processes? 

We are at this point because of every person who is part of our Surge family.  So the more help and imput we can receive during this time the better we will be.  Thank you all for everything you all do and for all your help.  Please post to comments any thoughts or comments that you have.

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7 Responses
  1. laurenmdavis

    Of course, this comes as no surprise from the Davis family… we would LOVE a roped off kid area (Court, like at Functional Fitness Las Vegas), where we could see the kids and they could play safely so that Rob and I could work out at the same time. That would be a lifesaver for us! How about another early morning class, like 6:30 am, since the 5:15 is so popular? Also, I know Rob would really love to have some Oly or Strength classes. As far as staying the same… as long as the personality of the gym stays the same, and the welcoming and inclusive attitude of everyone, that’s the most important thing.

  2. nathan

    I saw this from Robb Wolf about large decisions, and thought it might help:
    -Will it be GOOD for our clients? Will their experience improve? Will they get more out of the program?

    -Does the decision at hand make sense financially? Do your projections look good? Don’t have projections?! That’s a problem, which Nicki will be talking about a ton in the future.

    Ultimately, people come to your box because of you, so I will definitely follow you to a new location. I absolutely love the idea of getting to have some specialties (especially the strength and olympic lift sessions) because I feel like some of the other boxes have those capabilities that we just aren’t able to accommodate due to size. It’s a testament to what you have built that already within the short time that you’ve been open that so many people have joined that you just don’t have room in the old place anymore. I’m all for the update because my only concern is that I continue to get the individual coaching that I need, but I know that I’ll always get that from you two, no matter how big of a gym you get.

  3. Jeffbshea

    Brandon and Courtney,

    I think you are on the right track as far as adding specialied classes. I think that this is something that ALL the current members want, and will also help attract new members as well. I also feel that by adding these classes our athletes will improve significantly, whether that improvement is seen in our daily lives and WOD’s,or in competiton. I personally think that doing well in competitions helps the “status” of the gym, and further helps attract new members.

    I also like the idea of the kids courses and teen courses in the summer with ACT prep. I think the more we can offer to families the better. I feel that Surge has to offer as much as possible in order to compete with the big Functional Fitness boxes around town, or to give us a “leg up” on the other boxes. I also feel that the more ways we can attract new members, while using the resources we have within our own gym, the better.

    I think that the showers, additional bathroom, and small prep sink area is a good idea as well. I sort of think the extra bathroom, or mens and womens seperately, is a “no-brainer.” As far as the other things like a paleo Cafe’ or selling meats, etc. I would say that is more of a business decision for Surge than it is for it’s members. While it would be nice…it is just one more thing for you guys to take on. I know I care more about quality coaching and instruction than the other amenities. Just my opinion…but if I really cared about that and not quality instruction, I would still be at Lifetime.

    The biggest concern I have is the main one you have addressed which is class size. A bigger gym solves that issue, but in order for you guys to make that happen, more members are needed. With the addition of more members you will need more instructors. My main fear, and I think all would agree, is that we come to Surge for the coaching and instruction and I know personally I dont want to see that change too much. I guess what I am trying to say is the quality of coaching and intruction is of the upmost importance to me. With the right coaches inplace you will be able to offer more class times, which is a huge benefit to us.

    One last thought I have would be to split some of the classes up by experience. Perhaps a more established “On-Ramp” program will fix this. I know it is hard for the coahes as well, but it is also hard for the members when there are say 4 “newer” people mixed in with say 8 “veterans.” I personally feel like the 8 veterans dont always get the instruction they may need because too much time is spent teaching the newer people the basic movements. I know we all started somewhere so I am not trying to be harsh towards newer members by any means. Just sharing my thoughts on how classes could maybe be run more efficiently.

    Just my 2 cents… at the end of the day the decisions are ultimately yours to make. I appreciate you asking us for our feedback as well.

  4. javyQuintana

    I agree with everything that Jeff has said, I would also like to get more tutorials on mobility stuff with bands and some training to increase flexibility and mobility. 2nd I was talking to Bobby and Andy about this earlier but I think as a smaller gym we could recruit some members by having duel style competitions in which we could invite smaller gyms to come over and have a competition just against one other gym. We could invite family and friends and the crossfit word would spread. Just an idea. I would also help organize something like this if interested. I think this would bring a lot of excitement into the gym and be an less intimidating way to introduce some beginning and intermediate members into the competition aspect of the sport.