Monday 130408

Warm up:

3 Rds NFT:

  • Front Squat x 5 ea
  • KB Swing x 8-10
  • Box Jumps x 8-10


3 Sets:

  • Ring Push Ups x Max Effort
  • Toe to Bar x Max Effort

*If you can perform 15 unbroken ring push ups, add weight to your body.


CJ’s B-Day WOD:
AMRAP in 14 Minutes

  • Run 100m
  • 1 Hang Clean (Power or Full)

*Hang Cleans will be performed as a ladder.  Men’s weight starts at 115# and increases by 10# with each successful lift.  Women’s weight will start at 55# and will also increase 10# with each successful lift.  If an athlete misses a lift, they must subtract 10# from the bar.

Rest 2 Minutes

For Time:

  • 70 Burpees (Top every minute Perform 7 Wall Balls)
  • 10 Minutes Mobility

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