Monday 120827

A Huge congrats to all our Surge Family members who competed this weekend.  Amie finished 25th overall and Kelsey finished 32nd overall in the Women’s Open Class.  Forrest finished 8th, Jason finished 12th, and Glendon finished 19th overall in the Men’s Open Class.  You all did an amazing job and thank you for representing our gym.

3 Sets:

  • Bench Press x 5 @ 85% of 1 RM @30X1
  • Double Unders x 25

1 Set

  • Max Effort @ 60% of 1 RM
In Teams of 3 Perform the Following For Time:

  • 2400m Relay Run
  • 150 Ring Dips
  • 800m Farmers Carry 55/35

*Only one person may work at a time.  All work must be completed before teams move onto next exercise.  Run will be done relay style, meaning each partner must run 200m.  Partners will cycle through the 200m runs until they complete a total of 2400m (each person will run 4x200m or 800m total).  Ring dips must be performed while partners hold a static pull up, meaning holding chin over bar once either partner terminates hold person on rings must stop dips.

  • Weekly Challenges
  • Mobility

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  1. fjburke

    Thank you Surge Family for still making me feel apart you guys!!! You all rock so much with all of your support!!! Everyone who was there and has supported the Surge Family in any kind of way is so amazing!! Great job to Glendon, Jason, Amie, and Kelsey!!!!! You Guys rocked it and did amazing, glad to have you apart of my adventure of life!!!! see you all soon. May be the end of the msg but not least of all Brandon and Court you could not have taught better commodore!!! Thank you for being part of the Functional Fitness community!!!