Monday 101115

  • Skill:
  • L-Sit Hold 3x 60 sec(accumulate 60 sec)



  • Burpees
  • Box Jump 24″/20″
  • Sit-up
Welcome to Dr. Joe who has been with us for a few weeks and loving it!

Coaches Thoughts: Today we had a nice focus on our gymnastics.  The L-Sits provided a nice warm up for those abdominal and some people found them to be a bit easier than previous experiences.  The WOD also had a major gymnastic influence, however I think for the majority of the athletes it provided a great anaerobic stimulus.  It was great to see some faces we haven’t seen it a couple weeks back in, Georgia and Pixie.  Glendon and Karmen rocked the morning class setting the pace and times for the day.  However, Courtney and Susan prevailed and past up both of them for the times of the day.  Athlete of the day has to go to Josh who show amazing heart in the final two rounds of the WOD.

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3 Responses
  1. I have to make a correction…I can’t take credit if it’s not due! I was 13 seconds behind Glendon (if I remember the times correctly.) 🙂

  2. afromeatball

    Finihed the WOD around 20 minutes during lunch break. Finish time is a guestimate since I didn’t have stopwatch and used the clock on a cell phone.

    Great job to everyone on some killer times! Everyone rocked this WOD!