Monday 100712

First I would like to congratulate Courtney on completing her certification this weekend.  I know that you’re going to do amazing things, congrats and can’t wait for you to critique everything that I do incorrectly:).

Starting today we will be focusing heavily on technique and form, not that we didn’t before,  Courtney and I both feel that we need to take a solid week or two and focus on the basics behind all of the movements.  Without solid form and technique we compromise not only the exercise, but our performance and increase the rate for injury immensely.  This was apparent last Friday in particular, during “DT.”  During the warm up session most everyone was performing the exercises correctly.  However, once the weight was increased a lot of form and techniqe was sacrificed, which lead to a lack of efficiency and a loss of power.  Therefore, for at least the next couple of weeks everyday will have some sort of skills session dedicated to form and technique.  In addition Courtney and I are going to be even more strict on all the standards which we lay out for you all to achieve. 

Skill Work:

  • 5 x 5 Perfect Front Squat 75#/45# (No one may increase weight any heavier than Rxd, all reps must be performed with proper depth and form for them to count)
  • 5 x 5 Perfect Push Press 75#/45# (Same as above only with proper range of motion and dig and hip drive)


5 Rds For Time:

  • 9 Push Press 75#/45#
  • 12 Front Squat 75#/45#
  • 15 Box Jump (Hips must fully open at the top for rep to count)
Rick learning ring dips!


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