I’m The Worlds Best/Worst _______? (Self Talk)

How many times have you been in a situation or WOD and before it starts or even during tell yourself how hard this is?  Then it seems in a matter of seconds that task all of a sudden becomes that much harder.  The mind is by far the most powerful and capable tool we have, as long as we train ourselves to use it effectively. If the world could only hear the way I talk to myself. I swear if I had a friend speak to me the way I sometimes speak to myself I would have cut them out of my life a long time ago.  We can all be our own best friend or worst enemy.  Self talk is amazing, it can empower us to limitless heights or knock us down just as fast.  There are several quotes that always standout in my mind when I’m talking about Functional Fitness.  I’m sure I’m paraphrasing when I say this but Coach Greg Glassman (founder or Functional Fitness), said “that out of all the adaptions that occur from Functional Fitness, the largest that occurs is between the ears.”  This quote probably has a different meaning to everyone, but for me this quote explains how Functional Fitness helps  build mental toughness.  This toughness can mean trying things you’ve never done before  or pushing yourself to levels you never thought were possible.  However, before these limits can be pushed we must eliminate the aspect of doubt.  When that little voice in the back of your mind say’s NO or I CAN’T, we have to train and teach ourselves how to block that voice out.  What if that voice started to say YES or I CAN.   

Once again the Fittest Women in the World Kristin Clever lends some words of wisdom and talks about how Functional Fitness has helped her try and accomplish things she never thought were possible.  Watch interview of her and her words of I Can Totally Do That should be a motto that we can all learn from. 

What are some of the things that hinder you, during situations that challenge you?  How can you change these thoughts?  These are two more questions that are that are important to think about in order to accomplish those goals you long to achieve.  Let us know your thoughts, post to comments.

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  1. Signer

    My single greatest hurdle (other than muscle failure) is feeling like I can’t breathe. Courtney and I have talked about it several times. When I get to where I’m breathless, I always stop and try to catch my breath…but I need to learn that my body is still gettng oxygen and I’m not going to die. Maybe it’s the “pain” of feeling breathless? In any case, Spealler talks about it sometimes, regarding how his wrestling background taught him to stay “in a place of pain”….I think that’s a lot of what WOD success is, putting yourself in that place of pain and staying there, realizing that you’re going to be okay, just keep going!

    Also, I used to immediately fear the running portions of the WOD…but no longer!!!