Heart Center of the Rockies Race Results!

Yesterday’s run/race was fun and a great testament to Functional Fitness methodology! Jason A and Jason F ran the 5K and came in 3rd and 4th in their class with Jason F running a 32.31, and Jason A running a 33:31. They bothcame in in the top 100 of the race! So proud of both of you for doing the race especially Jason A who swore he couldn’t run 200 meters when he started 3 months ago. He is also down almost 25# since  he started as well.  David C ran the 10K all by himself and did great as well. He ran it in 49:39 came in 5th in his class and 50th overall out of 198. David said the last time he ran a 10K for time he was running all the time and basically that was all he was doing and he said the did the race in close to 50 min. He was very happy with his results and agreed that doing CF makes you a faster runner! Brandon  ran the 1/2 marathon in 1:50:30 sec. Brandon was 14th in his class, and 120th our of 443. I finished in 1:54:33, 25th in my class and 148thout of 443. I think Brandon’s result are the biggest testimony to CF, the farthest he has ever run in his LIFE is maybe 6 mile but probably closer to 5.5. The fact that he was able to go out and run double his longest run and finish with such a great time, is impressive and also HUGE proof the short intense exercise does transfer into longer slower workouts. The hardest part of the 1/2 was the mental game and the hills. Mile 6-11 were basically a steady uphill climb on the road, which was very mental because you could see how far you had to go, and you could see the hill the entire time. At the end of the race we were both tired, mostly hips and feet from the pounding, I can stay my body is no longer used to that kind of punishment and I don’t ever want to go back to training with long slow runs! I came from and endurance background and I ran the Colfax 1/2 Marathon in 2006 and finished in 1:53:53 but was “training” for a full marathon, and I have to say the course this weekend was much harder than the Colfax course.  When I was training and running that much, my body hurt so much more, I had less muscle and was definitely not as strong as I am now. I personally know that I will NEVER trade my short intense CF training for long, slow training!

Thanks to Jason, Jason and David for coming out and running this weekend, and a personal thanks for finding us on the coure and cheering us on. It helped us a TON to see Surge shirts and smiling happy faces as we were in the last mile!

Tell us your endruance stories! Post to commets:

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  1. Aaron

    Trial 5k run in preparation for the upcoming MBS Functional Fitness “Earn Your Turkey Challenge”.

    Time: 27:22

    After re-checking the projected course map, looks like I might have been on the wrong side of the street a few times. So, the total distance may be short a few hundred meters. Nonetheless, this is a smokin’ time for me…I was projecting at least 30 minutes. The course very “hilly”…long hill down, long hill back up….makes for a serious burn in that final kick

    These were my comments my Brandx post on 101104 after doing my first 5k (or similar distance) in nearly two years. WOW! 30 minutes after finishing I couldnt believe how easy this run was compared to prior distance experience. Functional Fitness’s short, intense work has definitely made a BIG impact. Along those lines, I had a small medical procedure on Friday and had to be hooked up to a pulse rate monitor. Three different docs/nurses asked if I was a runner. My resting heart rate has settled in around 38 to 40 beats per minute…as a result, the machines kept alarming for a low heart rate. In fact, they had to give me a stimulant to increase my heart rate for the procedure. Apparently this kind of thing is normally seen in runners…and you guys know I am no runner. Thanks for the low resting heart rate Functional Fitness!!!