Happy New Year!!! No Resolutions this year?

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating last night,  Happy New Year to all the friends and family of Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  2010 brought about some amazing this for Courtney and I, starting Surge Elite Performance & Fitness was a dream for the both of us.  Throughout the entire process and even now we have had countless amounts of people help us.  Our goal when we started Surge Elite Performance & Fitness was to help and change people’s lives.  However, we didn’t realize how much everyone would change our lives.  Thank you so much to everyone who has affected our lives and helped us throughout this adventure.  The great thing is that 2010 was just the beginning, and we are sure 2011 is going to bring even more great things.  However, before we start our2011 journey we need to make sure we are all starting it off right.  First and foremost don’t do the whole “new year’s resolution” thing, it DOESN”T WORK.  If you need to start date to begin something that is supposedly important to you, it apparently isn’t that important.  Do yourself a favor, set small attainable goals for yourself to hit throughout the year.  Soon enough those small goals will become easy and most likely life habits.  Habits and rituals are what creates success when it comes to achieving what you what to achieve.  Whether your goal is physical, emotional, mental, personal or professional start slow and don’t stray from your goal.  The road to achieving your goals are most likely not going to be easy and that is why you shouldn’t dive in head first without a plan and process to get what you want.  This month we are going to be holding a seminar regarding goals and accomplishments.  We have several new and exciting things we are going to start offering and implementing at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  We will announce when this seminar will be held shortly so please stay posted. 

Also please post to comments any “goals” not “resolutions” you have set or want to accomplish in 2011.  No matter what it is let us know, also let us know what topics you’d like to discuss at the seminar.

Why not do hanstands when it's -1 outside and you are in your swim trunks!
Not as "cool" as Brandon's but definitely COLD!
4 Responses
  1. afromeatball

    Surge Elite Performance & Fitness has been such a wonderful community of folks to join. I have mixed emotions everytime I come in to hang out. I can often times find myself defeated and deflated from some of the very daunting challenges when we walk in the building, but I also experience great satisfaction and pride when the work is done and the progress is gained! With guilt I admit that I experience jealousy when I see someone out hustling me or just plain out better than me, but also gain a sense of camraderie with the people that I work out with (especially during partner WODs) that is hard to replicate with people outside of our small (but growing) community. The feeling that I consistently always come away with however is great inspiration! Whether the class size is large or small, and no matter if I’m 1st or last that day, I feel either motivated that I did something hard, or better yet, witnessed somebody do something that makes me want to improve!

    Brandon and Courtney are obviously awesome coaches/loveable, motivating people, but through some magical cosmic forces, have attracted awesome people to join them here in Northglenn! I have a lot of fun at Surge and hope to gain improvements (kipping pullups would be tops right now).

    As for goals, I’m hoping to: A) Stop taking so many breaks during WODs, B) Master kipping pullups and C) Become a bowler (137 average).

  2. amienshea

    Happy New Year to all!!!! I love this gym and I love Brandon and Courtney.. That pretty much sums it up for me.. I would still be 220 lbs if I never met Courtney. She changed my life and has giving me the strength and cofindence to keep going. Below are my tasks that I will accomplish in the year of 2011….
    1) Consistency
    2) More Compassion
    3) Those dam Box Jumps!!

    I love my Surge Family and I know we will all have a FANTASTIC Year!!!

  3. KGriff

    There’s plenty that I want/need to get better at but one thing is for certain….I want to do a muscle up!!!

    I am looking forward to a great year with everyone at Surge!