Games WOD Finale and BBQ Friday Night

It is week 6 of the Functional Fitness Games Open and we will be doing out last Friday night WOD at 5pm. After the WOD we will be doing a BBQ/Potluck for everyone We have the grill and as a group we need to decide on meat. We have two optionsĀ  1)everyone brings their own meat to cook 2) We can get lean ground beef for burgers, chicken sausage, and chicken and then everyone can just chipĀ  in for it. As far as the potluck goes, just let us know what you would like to bring. Post to comments.

Thanks and can’t wait to see everyone there! Even if you are not participating in the games we would love to have you, bring friends, family, etc!

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6 Responses
  1. I say we all bring our own meat to cook on the grill and a side dish to share. That way no one has to worry about how much meat to buy.

  2. Mark

    I am so sorry my kids and I will have to miss. Eve and Miles have a school play to be in Friday night.

  3. afromeatball

    I got a platter of strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe and honey dew. Everyone is welcome to the melons. I don’t eat them. They are gross.