Friday 120601

“Bitner”2 Rounds for Time:

  • 5 HSPU
  • 28 Box Jumps
  • 12 Power Snatch 95/65
  • 8 Burpee
  • 18 Hang Power Clean 95/65
  • 2 Muscle Up

Police Officer Jeremy Bitner | Englewood Police Department, ColoradoOffice Jeremy Bitner, Englewood Colorado

  • Weekly Challenges
  • Mobility

We are doing this WOD in honor Officer Jeremy Bitner.

Police Officer Jeremy Bitner was struck and killed by a drunk driver while making a traffic stop at the intersection of South Broadway Street and East Belleview Avenue at approximately 12:05 am.

During the initial stop he had the driver exit the vehicles. As the two stood in the roadway next to the car a drunk driver sideswiped Officer Bitner’s patrol car and then struck him and the other driver, throwing them both approximately 50 feet. A witness to the collision called 911 and followed the drunk driver as he fled the scene in his vehicle. Officers from the Littleton Police Department arrested him several minutes after the crash due to the witness’ actions.

Officer Bitner and the citizen who were struck were both transported to Swedish Medical Center in critical condition. Officer Bitner succumbed to his injuries approximately 11 hours later.

Officer Bitner was a U.S. Army veteran. He had served with the Englewood Police Department for 7-1/2 years and had previously served with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office for six months. He is survived by his wife and two children.

We would also like to dedicate this WOD to Jess Beren’s little brother Will Patrick Hoskins and help bring awareness to drunk driving. Jess was kind enough to write her story and her brother’s story for us. The reps in the WOD 8/18/02 are for him!
” It is all too often that people are killed by drunk drivers. For years as a cop I arrested drunk drivers and occasionally had to handle a fatal accident or deliver the news to a family that their loved one was killed by a drunk driver. Watching the color drain from a mother’s face as she whales in tears and drops to the floor in disbelief is heartbreaking.
I’ve listened to drunk driver’s cry that they were arrested and how much of a “mistake” it was and they would never do it again, only to see on their criminal history that they have been arrested for it in the past.
I despise that drunk driving is called a mistake and even more so that when they kill someone they have no reason or explanation for their mistake. Drunk driving is not a mistake or an accident; it is a conscious moral disregard for the safety of others in a selfish choice to drive instead of calling for a cab or a ride.
August 18th, 2002 at 3:23 am I woke up to a phone call from a family friend. I was told that my 16 year old brother, Will Patrick Hoskins, was killed in an automobile accident on the highway in Broomfield . Like the mother’s, father’s and family members I so often broke the news to on duty….I found myself instantly in tears, yelling NO NO NO as I fell to the ground in disbelief. My husband was there to pick me up and help me grasp the reality of the words that came over the phone. Now came the hard part…I had to tell my dad that his son, my brother, was dead. How does one do that? My dad was at home sleeping so peacefully only to awake to the news that his 16 year old son was dead.
On the way to notify my dad of the death, I called my sister and my other brother to tell them the devastating news. I found myself in “cop mode” trying to be strong for my family. I uttered the words to my sister and brother only to hear them drop the phone, burst into tears and hit the floor in disbelief.
I found out that the adult driver of the vehicle my brother was in was drunk and high from marijuana. The vehicle was speeding on the frontage road headed into Broomfield by the RTD station. The vehicle lost control at an unimaginable speed and rolled several times. On the first roll over my brother was ejected out the rear window, catapulted down an embankment and killed on impact. Lesson 2 of this story…..if my brother had been wearing a seat belt he would have likely survived.
Several months later we (my family) were in court for the sentencing of the driver. He was sentenced to 4 years with eligibility to be released at 2 years. That’s the price and punishment for taking a life….2 years. I listened to the driver say he was “sorry” stone faced, but had no answers for my family as to why and what happened that night. After court was over, the mother of the driver was crying hysterically that her son was going to jail and asked if she could say a few words to my parents. I told her “if your tears are for my family and the loss of my brother then yes you can, BUT if your tears are for the loss of your son in jail for 2 years then don’t bother saying anything”. She looked at me and I said “you can go visit your son in jail anytime you want over the next 2 years until he is released….I will never see my brother again outside the Urn we put him in”. She quietly turned and walked away…..”
We know that you are all responsible but if you are ever drinking or with folks that are PLEASE make the right decision and never drink and drive, and never let your friends get behind the wheel when they have been drinking!
It has been almost 10 years now and the memory and pain is still as fresh as the day it happened.  All because of a choice made to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.”
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  1. amber

    I am so sorry Jess. I’m glad you shared this. I will be thinking of your family when we do the wod today.