Friday 101217

Benchmark Friday!!!

5 Minutes station

  • 3×2 Snatch/Clean Pull

5 Minute Station

  • 3×2 Snatch/Clean High Pull

5 Minute Station

  • 3×2 Power Snatch/Clean


  • 30 Power Snatches 135#/95#


  • 30 Power Clean 185#/125#

* “Aaron” is our first in house named WOD, named after Aaron Hastings.  We feel honored to have Aaron as part of our Surge Family, this WOD is dedicated to him because of the heart and determination he brings to the gym everyday.  He has been working with an injured shoulder now for about 5 months and still hits every WOD with 100%.  Thank you for all that you’ve done for not only Courtney and I but also for everyone else at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.

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