Zone Tips and Advice

Everyone should be almost a week into the Zone challenge. After talking to a few members about the challenges they are having with the diet, there are a few tips ad hints I think might help you all!

  1. Decide what food you want to eat for the week. Come with with your top 3 or 4 vegetable, fruit, and protein sources.
  2. Buy all of the food for the week.
  3. Cut all fruit and veggies and put them in Ziplock bags that are blocked out. We chose to do one block bags of everything when we first started and it made life much easier because all we had to do was to open the fridege and grab the bag/block. Takes all the guess work out of meals on the go.
  4. Precook all your protein, if you are starving and get home and have to grill chicken there is a very good chance you won’t, but if it is cooked and all you have to do is grab it, you are more likely to eat it.
  5. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”- Bill Phillips  This statement is so true, if you don’t plan what you are going to eat then you are setting yourself up for failure. Plan your meals and you timing!

I know in the beginning this tends to be a little overwhelming, but after a week or two of “practice” it does get easier. Please send us your journals and questions! We are here to help!

5 block meal! That's a lot of food huh!
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