WOD’s Announced and Heat Time for Saturday!


WOD #1- Hula Hoop Fun

AMRAP 8 min-

*5 Burpess

*10 KB Swings

Partner A completes 1 round of 5 burpess & 10 KB swings, while Partner B is hula hooping. If hula hoop stops the reps do no count. After partner A completes 1 round, Partner B will complete 1 round while partner A hula hoops. Score is total number of reps completed in 8 min.

WOD #2: “Goal to Goal Goodness”

Both Partners will start at the goal post of field.

*Reverse Slam Ball Toss to center field. Partner A must throw, then Partner B must Throw until the team reaches 1/2 field. You will then leave you ball and

*Both partners will bear crawl to the start  line then

*Both partners will broad jump back to center field. You will then grab your ball and

* Reverse Slam Ball Toss to the far end line. Leave your ball at the end and

*Bear Crawl to center field

*Broad Jump back to the far end line. Grab your ball and

*Sprint to the start line. Time stops when both partners and the ball cross the start/finish line

WOD #3: Humpty Dumpty Chipper

Buy in- 200 Meter Egg carry. Both partner will have a spoon and a raw egg. You must each carry 200 meters. If you drop the egg and it breaks both members of the team must return to the start line, get a new egg and start over. Spoon/Egg must be carrier using only one hand.

then perform

*100 Wall Balls 20#/14# while partner holds plate over head 45#/25#

*150 Push ups while partner hangs from pull up bar

*100 sit ups while partner hold plank

*200 air squats while partner does plate pinch hold. 45#/25# per hand


200 meter egg carry again. (Same rules apply)

All the reps of wall ball must be completed before moving on to pushups, push up must be complete before sit up, etc etc. During each movement the reps can be broken up however the team choses, however if you stop you must switch partners. e.g. If partner A if doing Wall Balls and stops then Partner B must then complete at least 1 Wall Ball, and Partner B much do the plate hold. Same goes for the hold, if the plate gets lowered then the partners must switch movements.


Heat 1: 8:30   Heat 3: 9:25   Heat 5: 10:30

  1. Katie/Steph
  2. Audrey/Kelsey
  3. Kristi/Courtney
  4. Karmen/Nettie
  5. Shannon/Heather
  6. Nathan/Zach
  7. Trevor/Lance
  8. Jason/Aaron
  9. Justin/Adam

Heat 2: 8:45     Heat 4: 9:45      Heat 6: 11:00

  1. Mary/JD
  2. Kelli/Ryan
  3. William/Joanne
  4. Darrell/Piper
  5. Jimmy/Penny
  6. Chad/Julie
  7. Dominick/Juliet
  8. Laura/Lihn
  9. Scott/Courtney V


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