Weekend Recap!!!

We wanted to say congrats to the girls that competed in the first timer competition at Functional Fitness Elevation this weekend. Amber C and Heather competed in the novice class, and Audrey and Mary competed in the advanced class. The classes were determined by how long you have been Functional Fitnessting,  novice was less than 6 months, and the advanced was more than 6 months. There were three events on Saturday, and the events were not announced till that day! The three events had some great movements and some interesting ones…. At the end of the day Amber finished 3rd, and Heather finished 8th in the novice. It was so much fun to see the girls do their thing and find more confidence and a little more competitive spirit than I think they knew they had! Amber was 2nd going into the last WOD, but the cheerleaders slowed her down a little. If you don’t know what a cheerleader is, don’t ask! Audrey and Mary also did great. Audrey finished 6th after the 3 events, and Mary was 10th or 11th. Unfortunately Mary’s score card got messed up on the last event and we are not sure where she would have really finished. More than anything it was so fun to watch and cheer these ladies on in their first event! It was a really hot day, in tight quarters, but all the ladies had great attitudes, and had a ton of fun! I am pretty sure they are hooked!

As always we had a great showing of the Surge family there to cheer them on! We can’t thank our family enough for always taking the time to come down and show support for their fellow Surge teammates! I think we had no less than 20 people there cheering on the 4 girls! We love you all and are so proud of all of you!

Don’t forge that this upcoming weekend, we have the Lift the Rockies Competition at Defy Functional Fitness in Broomfield. There is a partner competition on Saturday and the Strongman Competition on Sunday. I believe we have 8 teams competing on Saturday and 3 athletes in the Strongman~ Hopefully we will have another great showing of support. I know this weekend is the first comp for lots of our athletes too!

  • Brandon and Court
  • JD and Mary
  • William and Rachel
  • Kelsey and Christina
  • Steph and Audrey
  • Kristi and Amber C
  • Javier and Andy
  • Jason and Jamie

and in the Strongman

  • Amie
  • Brittany
  • Josh


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  1. amber

    Stupid silly cheerleaders!! I liked when Courtney said “um….you will never see us doing these…” haha!