Wednesday 130424

Warm up:

4 Rds:

  • :15 Plank Hold
  • :15 Superman
  • :15 Side Plank RT
  • :15 Side Plank LT


  • “Iron Shoulder Series”


“Goat Day”

EMOM For 20 Minutes:

  • Odd Goat 1:
  • Even Goat 2:

*Choose two movements or skills in which you may need extra practice or exposure to.  Talk it over with your coach and they will help you decide on a couple of movements and appropriate rep schemes for the movements.  This is NOT a session to learn new moments or skills that you’ve not done before, those days will come.  This day is to challenge yourself with moments or skills that you struggle with and to make yourself better at them.

  • Mobility

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