Wednesday 120530

Ok everyone the latest posts have helped spark some comments, therefore we’re going to see if we can keep it going. Most of us know off the top of our head what exercises we hate to see come up in the WOD, but lets take a moment to discuss the movements you love to see come up. Post to comments what are your favorite WODs or favorite exercises you wish we would perform more of?

4 Sets Every 2 Minutes

  • Shoulder Press x 4
  • Turkish Get Up x 3 ea

Rope Climb Tech Practices

4 Rds Each For Time:

  • 16 Thruster 95/65
  • 8 Bar Facing Burpee
  • 2 Rope Climb
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Mobility


12 Responses
  1. Rachel

    Favorite: partner, birthday, and endurance (30 min÷) WODs.

    The variety is great! 🙂 I’d just like more of the ab routine, we’ve done lately.

  2. davoss212

    I love doing the benchmark WOD’s every Friday, and I agree with Rachel on the longer WOD’s. Also I’d like to see more Oly lifting & KB’s since they help with not only strength, but agility and conditioning.

  3. JustG

    For me, any wod that I have someone in the class that I’m competing with is what does it for me. When JD and I were going at it last Friday, now that was fun.

  4. amber

    I love all the variety, and I love working on things that are my weaknesses also. I love leg stuff, body weight stuff, and am loving learning the weight lifting stuff!

    Like the previous people said, i also like long wods once or twice a week. Partner wods are always fun too, because they keep you accountable and working hard, and adds a little bit of competition to it 🙂
    i couldn’t really ask for more, because i feel like it’s always different!

  5. Jess B

    I like the variety…never having the same WOD makes it easy to enjoy going! My favorites are anything upper body with lifting (bench press, clean & jerks, push press) only because those are my strong areas and it is fun for me! I have to agree that I have enjoyed the ab/core work with the plate weights recently, would definitely like to see more of that! I also like the days we work on pose running and running drills. But overall I must say that I have no complaints and Surge does a great job of changing it up and it definitely never gets boring!

  6. tylerjw

    I like double unders, running, rope climbs, pull ups, and front squats. I like the ones that are less than 10min because there isn’t any time to think how much it hurts. I like the variety and always doing something different. I like doing better at the things I suck at, and that’s why I come when the workout looks awful (thrusters, wall balls, hspu, etc.)

  7. tylerjw

    Mostly I enjoy it when I can compete with someone. I feel that I often find myself not strong enough to compete with half the gym and too fast at some things to compete with the other half. I really enjoy workouts where I’m evenly matched against someone else in the workout.

  8. cfchick77

    We all know I HATE DUs (or they hate me) but I know I need them, so I am trying to embrace them!! I LOVE MUs, HSPU, OHS (b/c it challenges every muscle in my body); rope climbs, snatches, and burpees— yep, I love burpees!! I am really enjoying learning the oly lifts and look forward to improving my technique and getting stronger so I can get those heavy weights up!! I have a love/ hate relationship with the benchmark WODs! I love the girl WODs and am learning to love the longer hero WODs too- again, I am very aware of my weaknesses and know that I need to suck it up and use it to get better!!!

  9. Love the Benchmark Fridays and the partner WODs. I feel I push myself more with a partner as I don’t want to let them down. While I also feel that having someone to compete against is good I really feel I need to focus on doing the best I can do. We have so many great atheletes here that it’s really easy to ‘lose’ those races.

    As for favorite exercises, I love the ones we never do or haven’t done for a while. I understand that we’ll always do the standards (squats, cleans, jerks, deads, etc) but I really enjoy the stuff we don’t see as often like the sled push/pull, tire flips, super high box jumps, L-sit pull-ups. I’d love to do some slosh pipe stuff and really had fun doing some monkey bar stuff while down in Arizona. All those exercises that allow us to use the skills we’ve picked up but in a different format are great!

    -Scott B.

  10. amienshea

    I love them all.. I know I have said this before but it would be nice to have the night classes be the first to do the WOD.. Since I am part of the 5am crew we are the ones always setting the pace. It would be nice to chase times every once in a while.. Last but not least maybe having more time for skills practice..

  11. amber

    The more I thought about this today, the more I realized that I wouldn’t change a thing! Of course I love certain workouts, and like certain things less, but we really do such a great variety of things!

    We do lots of lifting, body weight exercises, climbing, jumping, running, BURPEES ;), gymnastics, really everything you can think of-we do it. I have so much fun, and never get bored, and think the mixture is perfect!