Wednesday 101124



  • 1:30 Wall Ball 20#/14#
  • 1:30 Knee to Elbow
  • 1:30 KB Swing 55#/14#
  • 1:30 Single Jump Rope

Rest 1 Minute

  • 1:00 Wall Ball 20#/14#
  • 1:00 Knee to Elbow
  • 1:00 KB Swing 55#/35#
  • 1:00 Single Jump Rope

Rest 1 Minute

  • :30 Wall Ball 20#/14#
  • :30 Knee to Elbow
  • :30 KB Swing 55#/35#
  • :30 Single Jump Rope

* This AMRAP will be for the time designated next to the exercise, however each exercise will have penalty attached to it.  Therefore during wall balls every time an athlete drops the med ball their total reps drops to zero, same goes for knee to elbows when the athlete drops off bar.  KB swings will be penalized every time the KB is dropped, and finally when the athlete misses the jump rope their count goes to zero.  Score will be counted as total reps performed at each station.

Coaches Thoughts: Today’s WOD provided so great excitement not only with the exercises and time but also the penalty portions of the WOD.  We had a great turn out to all the classes today, which provided some great intensity.  Aaron, Pat, Val and Joe did a awesome job starting the day off right and the 8 am class keep it right on rolling.  The penalty aspect of the WOD added a nice twist to the WOD, and it was amazing to watch everyone push themselves where they haven’t been before.  Awesome job all around today everyone.