Earn Your Turkey Challenge Results/Recap

Saturday was a great day for all that competed and those that came to support us. The morning started off chilly and foggy, and I know that both Brandon and I were not looking forward to the 5K run…MBS sits on the top of the hill so that means you get to start with a down hill for a bit and then basically run up hill most of the run. I am not a fan up hill runs, but you do what ya do! Gloves and long pants were a necessity for Susan and I, the guys were a bit tougher than us! The run turned out to be tough, but somehow we had some amazing times put up. I know Brandon and I personally both had 5K PR, which considering the course is crazy. Brandon got the run in 20:18, finished 5th in the Elite men’s class the 5K. I(Court) got the run in 22:00 placing 3rd in the run in the women’s intermediate, Susan was close behind me with a 5th place finish and her time was 23:58 min. Aaron finished the run in 24thwith a time of 24:58 in the men’s open. Jamie finished 3rd in the men’s immediate and Jason was super happy to finish the run!

The second event was the Functional Fitness total. Jamie was up first and did great. He got 245 back squat, 145 shoulder press(PR), and  325# Deadlift (PR by 20#’s) for a total of 715 finishing 2nd only to Jason. Jason, Aaron and Brandon all lifted at the same time but not in the same groups. More PR were put up. Jason got 365# back squat(PR), 185 Shoulder Press, and 430 Deadlift (30#PR) for a total of 980. So close to 1000 which was his goal, but he got 50# more than he had done last  when we did our practice run! Aaron got 375# back squat, 165# shoulder press(not bad considering he has been dealing with a bad shoulder for months now), and 475# Deadlift(PR), and got 2nd in the men’s open class for CF Total. Brandon got 3 PR’s and definitely had more in him. He got 440# on back squat making it look really easy, 185#  shoulder press, and 425# deadlift for a CF Total of 1050 and a 3rd place finish in the men’s Elite. Susan and I got to lift together which was great. The part that was not great was trying to do the math for 5 girls, with a 35# bar instead of a 45# bar, and having some tall girls made getting the bar off the rack a little tough! I did exactly what I expected to do: 145 back squat, 70 shoulder press, and 215# deadlift, I think I had more but didn’t push it. Susan did awesome with 155# back squat, 55# shoulder press,235 deadlift  (PR by 5#). Susan was 2nd in the Functional Fitness Total.

Then there was the waiting game…we didn’t know what the final WOD was going to be and for some of us, it found the chink in our armor…they opened the hanger door and started bringing in the wall..ok not too bad, but then they let all of the ropes down… I know my stomach dropped as well as everyone else’s that hasn’t tried to climb a rope since elementary school! We tried to practice andget hints from those around us, but when it came down to it, rope climbing is a skill that we just don’t have….yes the ropes are on order now! Jamie, Jason, Susan and I got lucky since we were in the intermediate class we didn’t end up having to climb the rope, only having to do rope jumping pull ups which were easy.  The WOD for the 4 of us was:

  • 15 Ground to Overhead 75# for Guys/ 55# for Girls
  • 10 Burpee Wall Jumps (5ft Wall)
  • 30 Jumping Rope Pull ups
  • 10 Burpee Wal Jumps
  • 15 Ground to Overhead

Jamie rocked the WOD but got pretty hosed by his judge that was having some counting issues…but I guess it happens. He did at least 14 burpees wall jumps and his GTO he had to do 24 since he didn’t lock out his overhead a few times. The bummer was that he got beaten in the WOD by only 24 sec and would have won the WOD and came in 1st in his class overall had he had to just do 10 burpee wall jumps. Jason finished the WOD in under 10 min and made the 75# looks like nothing! Susan and I were up next and we went into the WOD with Susan in 1st place and me in 2nd. I managed to finish the WOD first with a time of 5:31 and Susan in 2nd with a time of 6:04.

The 5ft wall! So much fun!

Aaron and Brandon however were not so lucky….Aaron was able to muscle through two rope climbs by simply using his arms, but the 3rd climb eluded him. He made it 3/4 the way up the rope twice but was never able to make the final ascent, and was unable to finish the last WOD. Sadly Brandon was met with the same problem. Brandon went into the final event tied for first place.  He had the longest wait of over 2 hours which was very mentally taxing, and physically hard to get going again. Brandon finished the GTO at the same time as the other first place guy and made it to the ropes quickly, He was able to make it up the rope twice fairly easily , but was all upper body. The rope now became daunting and Brandon frustrated. He made it up the 3rd time, and was about 6 inches away from the top two other times, Sadly when the final buzzer rang he was still at the ropes and unable to finish the final WOD. He ended up finishing in 8th place of the Men’s Elite Class. The final WOD for Brandon and Aaron was:

  • 15 Ground to Overhead (115# for Brandon, 95# for Aaron)
  • 10 Burpee Wall Jumps (5ft Wall)
  • Rope Climb (5 for Brandon, 3 for Aaron)
  • 10 Burpee Wall Jumps
  • 15 Ground to Overhead

The final results were:

  • Courtney 1st Place Women’s Intermediate
  • Susan 2nd Place Women’s Intermediate
  • Jamie 2nd Place Men’s Intermediate
  • Jason 5th Place Men’s Intermediate
  • Aaron 17th Place Men’s Open
  • Brandon 8th Place Men’s Elite

The event was a blast for everyone that competed and we can’t thank everyone that came out to support us. I know for Brandon and I the best part of the day was the team spirit and the camaraderie that we all had. Thanks to Jason F, Justin, Amber B, Amie, Mom Adam’s, Karmen, Shannon, the Griffith and Hastings kids, David, Josh, Brandon’s mom Kathy, his aunt Pam, his dad Mark and Brother Kyle. Thanks to all of you for being part of our family and I think we did a great job putting Surge Elite Performance & Fitness on the map this weekend!

Congrats Jamie!
Congrats Susan! 235# Deadlift and 2nd Place finish!
Court had the lay on the wall to get over it approach!
Congrats Aaron!
Congrats Jason!
Brandon dialed into his squat! Congrats coach!
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