Wednesday 100714


  • Medball Clean


With a partner complete 3 Rds of:

  • 30 Burpees
  • 40 Medball Clean 20#/14#
  • 50 KB Swings 55#/35#
  • 60 Supine Row
  • Run 100 yrds

* Only one person is allowed to work at a time.  You’re not allowed to move onto the next exercise until all the reps are finished at that current station.  The run can be completed together, time stops when both people complete the run.

Happy Birthday Jess!

 I(Court) didn’t have a partner so I decided I should just take 10 reps off each exercise..Brandon said I shoud just do 1/2 but I thought my idea what better….until 1/2 through the first round. I think I should have listened to him!

That's the birthday girl, not wanting to do any more push ups!
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  1. KGriff

    Now that I’ve recovered from this WOD I can say it was great 🙂 Happy Birthday, JB, and thanks to Jolene – you were a great partner and you rocked it!