Tuesday 110705

In Functional Fitness and at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness we record everything from reps, weight, time, distance, height, you name it we use the whiteboards to record it.  However as of late we’ve had quite a few questions regarding some of the notes we’ve attached next to some athletes names following a WOD.  The primary we’ve question we’ve received is what does ROM mean?  ROM stands for Range of Motion, we use this to indicate that an athlete has performed and finished the WOD however their Range of Motion for all their reps didn’t meet the standards in which we’ve laid out.  This can be used for any exercise, for example if an athlete doesnt’ squat to where their hip crease passes below their knee, and than stand up fully, this would constitute not going through a full Range of Motion.  As of late we’ve had to use this next to more and more athletes names, whether its due to flexibility, technique, laziness, or sacrificing ROM for time it has been a much more of a reacquiring theme.  Therefore, for at least the duration of this week we are going to be going against the Functional Fitness methodology and performing all WODs not for time (NFT).  Does this mean you will not receive the same benefit from the WODs you have grown to love and expect.  Absolutely not, this week is going to be intended to work on PERFECT form, technique and range of motion while maintaining a pace that does not jeopardize any of these things. 


Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3


3-5 Rds

  • 12 Deadlift
  • 9 Hang Clean
  • 6 Push Jerk

Extra Credit:

  • If time is available coaches will choose extra credit for class.

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