Tuesday 110315


3 Position Squat Clean x 5

  • High Hang
  • Above Knee
  • From Floor


Filthy Fifty

For time:

  • 50 Box jump (24,20)
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
  • 50 Walking Lunges (25 ea)
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press, 45 pounds
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Double unders

3 Responses
  1. Aaron

    “Filthy Fifty”

    Time: 33:08

    Blew a gasket this time. More than 2 minutes over PR. This post is 3 hours after completing the WOD and still feel the effects. Was shivering up until an hour ago. Figure I have downed more than 3L of water since finishing. Hit the wall on the Wallballs…wanted to quit. That feeling left after starting the Burpees, but they were slooow. By the time I reached the DUs, body was on auto pilot, no one was at the controls.

  2. Time = 23:50

    I was really disappointed with the DUs. I just couldn’t get a rhythm at first! Wallballs and burpees were pretty slow too. However, I was happy with my time by the end. Last time we did the “Filthy Fifty” was 12/14/10 – my time was 27:09. So I got more than a 3 minute PR. The first time I did it was on 6/18/10 – my time then was 36:38.

  3. Signer

    I almost literally blew a gasket after making the dumbest diet decision I’ve made in a while, I actually ate at an Indian buffet for lunch. My insides turned to liquid by the time we started the F50 and I only made it through the jumping pullups before I had to….um….make the first of a couple pit-stops…..I would like to mention that Jason A is a BEAST, he has come SO far and I am so impressed with his dedication…he had a 6 minute PR yesterday!!!! It was awesome to watch!!! Congrats to the BIG DOG!